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Aki Natsuki (安岐 ナツキ, Aki Natsuki?) is a nurse who works for the Self-Defense Force and was assigned by Kikuoka Seijirou to oversee Kazuto's medical condition at «Chiyoda Hospital» when he was hospitalized as well as during his rehabilitation. She is later assigned to watch over Kazuto during the «Death Gun» incident and after Kazuto is injected with succinylcholine.


Aki has a long, slender body and is usually dressed in a light pink or white uniform. According to Kazuto's description, Nurse Aki is an extremely pretty woman with braided hair and glasses. He also mentioned that Aki had the clean and beautiful smile of a white-robed angel and that she can become quite scary when she likes to.


Aki Natsuki graduated from the «Tokyo Self-Defense Senior Nurse Academy». As the Nursing Academy is affiliated with the Self Defense Force, those who enroll in the Academy are treated as recruits entering the army, which is why Aki not only became a nurse, but also a Petty Officer Second Class and should have been working in the Self-Defense Force's Hospital.


Aincrad ArcBearbeiten

Not much is known about Nurse Aki during the great incident when Kayaba Akihiko trapped 10,000 players, other than that she oversaw Kazuto's treatment during the Sword Art Online incident and during his rehabilitation.

Phantom Bullet ArcBearbeiten

Nurse Aki is employed again during the «Death Gun» incident to oversee Kirito's care. She also tries to console Kirito and help him deal with the remorse of taking the lives of three Laughing Coffin members.

Alicization ArcBearbeiten

It is revealed that Nurse Aki is employed under the Self-Defense Force and is once again taking care of Kazuto while he is in a coma. It is also revealed that she was assigned to «Chiyoda Hospital» to take care of Kazuto by Kikuoka, due to him wanting to approach the boy. Aki also comforts Asuna that Kazuto will come back.


  • Kawasumi Ayako, Aki's Japanese voice actor, also voices Kakei Mihaya in Accel World, another series written by Kawahara Reki.


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