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Breaking Damage's Limit (ダメージの限界突破, Damēji no Genkai Toppa?) is a story written by Kawahara Reki that was published on one of the Dengeki Story Trading Cards 2012, and the release of Dengeki Story Trading Card is in accordance with the rules laid down by the activity called Breaking Present's Limit, which was part of the "Dengeki Bunko Butchigiri! Breaking Limits!! Fair" that celebrated the 20th anniversary of ASCII Media Works.[1] During the activity, those who bought a volume of Dengeki publication, which have a paper strip wrapping on it that promote this activity, from specific bookshops joining the activity would be randomly given a story trading card and this specific SAO story trading card could be collected from the activity by October.

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The story is about Kirito and Asuna discussing whether there is an upper limit for damage that could be taken in Sword Art Online, as traditional RPGs would have an upper limit of 9,999 damage points. During the discussion process, Kirito mentioned a number of different methods to increase the amount of damage that can be dealt at once, with the help from numerous characters. However, when Asuna asked about herself and Kirito said that her help would not be needed, Asuna stepped on his fifth toe and made him feel like he had been dealt 99,999 points of damage.

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