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Chudelkin (チュデルキン, Chuderukin?) is the Chief Elder of the Axiom Church in Underworld, who works directly under the highest minister, Quinella.


Chudelkin has a bizarrely white skin, a round nose, loose cheeks, deep red lips, and eyes that are long and narrow in a crescent shape, arching upwards in a cold smile. His torso swells out like a perfect circle, with comically short limbs attached to it, and his neck is not visible. He is bald, and wears a golden angular hat similar to Cardinal's, but according to Eugeo, has worse taste. He wears a clown-like lustrous costume that is deep red on the right and deep blue on the left, his lavish stomach had golden buttons that could hardly hold on. His trousers are differently colored on the left and right, likewise his very pointy shoes are so as well.


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As Eugeo and Bercouli were trapped underneath ice, Chudelkin came along, while laughing and skipping about, and blamed Bercouli for not finishing off the intruder the moment he saw him, implying that Bercouli was acting upon treachery against the Axiom Church. Although Bercouli tried to argue back, the elder told him that the highest minister would likely want to reprocess them and then froze Bercouli with the use of a Sacred Arts ritual. Looking at an unconscious Eugeo, Chudelkin found himself a very useful pawn.




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