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Gtacs (ジータクス, Jītakusu?) is a powerful mage and the leader of a Salamanders Mage Group.


Gtacs is a chubby Salamander with red, spiky hair. He wears a mage leader uniform to distinguish himself from[Bearbeitung notwendig] his fellow mages and uses a magic staff as his weapon.


Gtacs is an arrogant person who was confident enough that his Mage Group's combined fire Magic could overwhelm Kirito in a fight while his group's tanks kept him occupied, but when the latter gained the upper hand, he acted cowardly and ran for his life which eventually got him killed by the lake monster.


Fairy Dance ArcBearbeiten

Gtacs casting a spell

Gtacs and his Mage squad.

He led a group of 12 Salamanders players on a mission, to take out Kirito and Leafa. When the two-person party attempted to enter the neutral town, Gtacs conjured an Earth Wall spell to block the only entrance. Due to his group formation, he had nearly managed to defeat Kirito with a continuous barrage of Fireballs, but Kirito used an illusion spell to transform himself into The Gleam Eyes-like creature, causing terror among the Salamanders front line soldiers, which allowed Kirito to break the squad's formation and wipe out most of Gtacs's squad members. He ran away in fear and jumped off the bridge, but was killed by the lake monster and turned into a Remain Light, which disappeared shortly afterwards.


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