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Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (ソードアート・オンライン -ホロウ・フラグメント-, Sōdoāto Onrain -Horō Furagumento-?) ist ein Role-Playing Game (RPG) entwickelt von Namco Bandai Games für die PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) als die zweite Spiel Adaption der Serie auf der Konsole. Es spielt in einer alternativen Storyline zu Sword Art Online wie auch Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment. Das Spiel wurde am 24. April 2014 in Japan veröffentlicht.[1] Es wird bewertet mit "C" basierend auf der CERO Wertung in Japan, [† 1][2]. Die Wertung in Europa ist allerdings PEGI-12[† 2][3]. Eine englische Version des Spiels wurde in Nordamerika am 19. August 2014 veröffentlicht[4] und in Europa und Australien am 20. August 2014[5], ausschließlich über den PlayStation Store für PS Vita[† 3].

Eine "Director’s Cut"  Ausgabe des Spiels mit dem Titel Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment wurde 2015 für PlayStation 4 in Nordamerika, Europa, Australien und dem Nahen Osten veröffentlicht.


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Beschreibung auf der Webseite des Spiels

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Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment fängt die Charaktere und Geschichte des SAO-Universums ein - eine Vielzahl von Virtual-Reality-Welten in einer nicht allzu fernen Zukunft. Auf dem MMO-Genre basierend, bietet Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment den Spielern ein intensives RPG-Gameplay, bei dem Kombo-Attacken, Schnelligkeit und genaue Kenntnisse über den Gegner unabdingbar sind, um in der VR-Welt zu bestehen!

Neben der Hollow Fragment Episode beinhaltet das neue SAO-Spiel zusätzlich Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment - ursprünglich in Japan für PlayStation®Portable veröffentlicht. Infinity Moment wird auf PlayStation®Vita mit verbesserten HD-Grafiken ausgestattet!

Zwei SAO-Spiele in einem!

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment beinhaltet zusätzlich eine verbesserte HD-Version von Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment, ursprünglich in Japan für Playstation®Portable veröffentlicht.

Erlebe ein Singleplayer-‘MMORPG’

Erlebe das SAO-Universum in all seiner Pracht auch als Solospiel, in dem sich NPCs wie echte Spieler verhalten und so das Gefühl eines richtigen MMOs vermitteln.

Dynamisches Kampfsystem

RPG-Gameplay mit jeder Menge Action. Kämpfe gegen Monster und Charaktere in der Spielwelt, erlebe packende Abenteuer und eine mitreißende Geschichte. Actiongeladene Kämpfe voller einzigartiger und schneller Angriffe, atemberaubender Kombos, durchschlagender Energieschläge und vielem mehr!

Erschaffe deinen Avatar!

Und erkunde die virtuelle Welt von Sword Art Online


Tauche vollständig in die Welt von SAO ein, indem du jederzeit zur Ego-Perspektive wechselst.


Hollow Fragment Story 4.png

Hollow Fragment is divided into two parts. The first is the "floor clearing" chapter, which is basically the previous game, Infinity Moment, embedded into this game. The second is a new "Hollow Area" chapter, which includes parts that allow multiplayer gaming and includes new stories, as described below officially, which involves «Laughing Coffin» and a new orange player character, Philia.

The Floor Clearing part's story would mostly be same as the story of the previous game, with the exception of Sinon, Leafa and Strea appearing in the game early during the process of the clearing of the 76th Floor, the appearance of Yuuki after clearing this part of story for the first time, and some new scenes for characters that are only in this game, but not the prior one.


For various Sword Skills in the game, see Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment/Sword Skills

Hollow Fragment's gameplay system is similar to the Infinity Moment's gameplay system. However, a burst gauge, which allows continuous attacks as long as the player has enough burst energy left, was added to its battle system. There is also a risk meter next to it, which increases whenever enemies target or attack the player, or whenever the player attacks them. The higher the risk, the longer it will take for the player's burst gauge to be replenished. Risk can be lowered by pressing the burst attack button at the right moment, dodging at the right moment or switching. Also, the system allows each player to create their own non-player character to battle alongside with, as well as linking up with a maximum of 4 other players who are playing the game on the PlayStation Vita to play the game simultaneously, allowing players to form their own raid teams. An added region called the «Hollow Area» was designated for such multiplayer gameplay.

As for the game's battle system, while it is defaulted to the automatic attack system in previous game, players can also switch to a manual attack system upon their desire.[Bearbeitung notwendig]


Hollow Area

Full view of Hollow Area.

The region mainly consists of six areas, as shown in the map. There are also other hidden areas which can be explored, and several more areas will be available with a DLC that will be released later.


Hollow Area Bosses

  • Introduction : Hollow Deadening Reaper
  • 1st Area - Sea of Trees Area  : The Shadow Phantasm
  • 2nd Area - Floating Rock Area : Zordiath the Blade Dragon
  • 3rd Area - Bay Area : Detonator the Kobold Lord
  • 4th Area - Void Area :  The Hollowreaper
  • 5th Area - Outer World Area : Amedister The Queen
  • Final Area - Control Area : Occuldion the Eclipse
  • Final Boss : «Hollow» Kirito


  • All Infinity Moment Bosses

Original Sword Skill

An Original Sword Skill System is included in this game, but it completely differs from the Original Sword Skill system that appeared in ALfheim Online in the original series. The system in Hollow Fragment is more similar to Kirito's Outside System Skill, «Skill Connect».

Unlock Requirement

Players need to first complete a task, called «Implementation of OSS that links multiple Sword Skills» (ソードスキル多重連携OSS仕様の実装, Sōdo Sukiru Tajū Renkei OSS Shiyō no Jissō?), in the "Implement Element" system that researches the possibility of implementing multiple attacks with Sword Skills. The mission can be completed by using Sword Skills 1,000 times during Hollow Missions, in order to allow players to create and record their own Sword Skills in the Administrative region. There are also sub-tasks that could be completed to increase the maximum amount of Sword Skills that can be connected together at a time.[7]

Content Inheritance

Infinity Moment

  • The player's skill proficiency and skill points: a certain value of proficiency point can be carried over. The proficiency portion of skill points can be possessed.
  • The player's character's skill combination (learn/palette): will be reset, but some skill points would be given.
  • The player's character's equipment and belongings: only those equipped will be transferred.
  • Other players' AI info: inherited directly
  • Heroines' AI info: inherited directly
  • Gallery: inherited directly
  • Remains heart: the possessed portion will be inherited (max. nine)
  • Bonus obtained from clearance of the previous game: if users transferred from a cleared game save, an accessory would be given.[8]


After the game launched, updates have been released every week in term of free DLC that provide extra costume/weapon and similar items, with details listed on the official site in Japanese.

A free major update, named as Shining Successor (皇輝の継承者?) (v. 1.05), has been released by July 10, 2014 for the Japanese version. The update includes the introduction of the Grand Quest, the ability to partner with Argo and date with Sachi, the introduction of new volcano and snowy mountain areas, as well as the garden area and harder bosses, the availability of legendary weapons, and a level cap raise to level 250. The update will also include usability and game balance adjustment, increase of treasure, hollow missions, and the payback of doing missions. Furthermore, more than 120 new equipment will be released, more information will come from Argo, some areas will be expanded, the OSS system will be improved, the ability to show the difference of daytime/nighttime will be available, the addition of CG scenes, the addition of warp point for some floors in the Hidden Area of the Hollow Area, and so on. These would add ~30 hours playtime to the game. The update would be available for the Asian version by July or August, and the Western version as a free DLC starting September 23[9].


A Sword Art Online -Hollow Fragment- Soundtrack is bundled with the game's limited edition.


Adaption Notes

Compared to Infinity Moment:
  • In Infinity Moment, Leafa and Sinon appeared after the clearance of the 76th Floor boss, and Strea appeared after the 79th Floor was reached, in this game Leafa, Sinon and Strea appeared soon after the clearing group reached the 76th Floor, before there was any progress on further clearing.
  • Strea's changes happened later on Hollow Fragment compared to original Infinity Moment.
  • The floor clearing part also include some new CG and/or plot for Philia, Sachi, Argo, PoH and Yuuki (after the end of first clearance and for re-clearance afterward) that is not found in Infinity Moment
  • Addition of the Hollow Area region.
Compared to the original works:
  • The duel between Heathcliff and Kirito, after the 75th Floor boss fight, was altered.


  • In the North American release, the game's events start on December 2021, as opposed to 2024 when «The Skull Reaper» was actually defeated.
  • The North American release of the game still features numerous spelling and grammar issues.


  1. "For Ages 15 and up"
  2. Suitable for ages 12 and older
  3. Simply put, the US/Eu/Aus releases will be digital download only.

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