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Musketeer X (銃士X(マスケティア・イクス), Masuketia Ikusu?) is a player in the VRMMO game, Gun Gale Online, and a participant in the 3rd Bullet of Bullets. She is one of the four players in the finals of the tournament who had not participated in the finals of the previous two tournaments.


Musketeer is a female player with long, straight, white hair who only wears a dark bra, without anything on top of it, as well as red shorts, a yellow scarf, as well as a yellow glove on her right arm that extends slightly over the wrist.[1] Additionally, Musketeer X wears a short, dark jacket with a large, red X on both of her shoulders.[1] She is armed with a large sniper riffle.[1]


Phantom Bullet ArcBearbeiten

At some point before the 21:00 satellite scan during the 3rd Bullet of Bullets tournament, Musketeer X took up a sniping position on the west side of the stadium in the middle of the Lost City in ISL Ragnarok. Kirito and Sinon, who had mistakenly believed that Musketeer X was a coded name for Death Gun, noticed her position during the scan and thought that she was aiming to stun and kill Ricoco with the Death Gun's pistol. Kirito and Sinon decided to split up, with Kirito attacking the player up close and Sinon providing covering fire via a sniper. However, when Kirito got up to Musketeer X's position, he found out that they were mistaken after seeing that the player was actually a girl. Thinking that Sinon might have been under attack by the real Death Gun, Kirito forced his way to slash Musketeer X while she was introducing herself. Although Kirito was hit, he managed to defeat Musketeer X. After seeing that Sinon was lying on the floor, he took Musketeer X's sniper and smoke grenade, used the sniper to fire at Sterben, who was the real Death Gun, and threw a smoke grenade to provide cover for their escape.


  • Coincidentally, if the kanji 銃士 are read in reverse order, Musketeer X's name is read as Shi-jū X, which sounds like 死銃 (Death Gun).



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