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Nezha (ネズハ, Nezuha?)[† 1] is one of the 10,000 players who were trapped in Sword Art Online, working as a blacksmith. He is the first player to ever open a shop in Aincrad since the Official Server Service.

His shop, «Nezha's Smith Shop», is merely a small street stall consisting of a Vendor's Carpet located in the 2nd Floor town of Urbus.


Nezha looks rather youthful, in his teens. He has thin drooping eyes coupled with casual hair that is separated down the middle.


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He was introduced as a blacksmith with mysteriously poor luck. He seemingly shattered Asuna's Wind Fleuret when trying to enhance it.

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It was later discovered by Kirito that he steals the weapons given to him for enhancement by replacing them for end products of the same weapon, which cannot be further enhanced, when the players get distracted, and then triggers the weapon destruction effect by attempting to enhance the end product again. He then sells the stolen weapons to others and uses the money earned to equip his friends, allowing them to battle on the front lines despite their relatively low level.


  1. Spoiler Alert! The following pertains to Untranslated, or Non-Released Content!
    While it is the preferred pronunciation of the name, it is not the originally intended pronunciation.


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