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An Outside System Skill (システム外スキル, Shisutemu-gai Sukiru?) is an ability, usually referred to as a skill, that either involves unconventional use of system-controlled skills, the exploitation of loopholes in the system or the use of the player's human abilities to enhance their gameplay. Although such abilities are referred to as "skills", none of these skills are regulated by the system, though some involve making use of system skills in ways that were not intended by the developers of the game.

These skills are developed through a player's capability in game and are acquired through experience and practice put in by the player themselves throughout playing time.

Known Outside System SkillsBearbeiten

Skills Known User Used in Description
«Arms Blast»[1][2] Kirito Sword Art Online An ability to destroy weapons, by attacking their weak points with a powerful blow
«Skill Connect»[3] Kirito
ALfheim Online
Project Alicization
It is a skill that requires excellent timing by using one-handed Sword Skills with two swords in parallel, activating the skills one after the other just as the delay is supposed to kick in to nullify the delay.
«Spell Blast»[1] Kirito ALfheim Online Ability to use elemental Sword Skills to cut through spells
Bullet Deflect [Bearbeitung notwendig] Kirito Gun Gale Online Ability to use photon swords to deflect bullets.
«Distinguish» [4] Kirito Gun Gale Online The ability to isolate sounds in a VR space, eliminate noisy sounds, and pick up irregular sounds in the system.
«Precognition» [4] Sword Art Online An ability that allows a player to predict the next attack move.
«Insight» [4] Sword Art Online A skill that helps predict monsters' next attack from long range via their attack pattern.
«Mislead» [4] Sword Art Online The ability to trick monsters' AI's learning function to burden them.
«Switch» [4] Sword Art Online Players switching positions mid-battle to recover HP and burden the learning abilities of AI-controlled monsters.
«Hypersense» [4] Sword Art Online Known in Aincrad as one of the hardest Outside System Skills to obtain. It is a skill that allows the player to sense another player's presence before seeing or hearing them. It is also said to be able to sense the player's «Killing Intent». Also called «Presence Sense».



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