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Yui: "Ihr beide könnt andere Leute glücklich machen, wenn Ihr bei ihnen seid und ihnen helft. Von jetzt an geht bitte und helft den Leuten an meiner Stelle. Teilt euer Glück mit allen Anderen."

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Blutige Erinnerungen (鮮血の記憶, Senketsu no Kioku?) ist die dritte Episode der Sword Art Online II Anime Adaptation und auch die dritte Episode des Phantom Bullet Handlungsstrangs. Veröffentlicht am 19 Juli 2014.

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Two days after the events in Gun Gale Online, Asada Shino, the person controlling the avatar Sinon, was in the market district, when she was approached by Endou's group and forced to come to an alley where they could demand money from her. However, as Shino did not accept their demands, Endou made an imitation of a pistol with her hand, causing Shino to have a panic attack. Before Endou could leave with Shino's stuff, Shinkawa Kyouji pretended to be bringing a police officer, scaring off the delinquents. Kyouji then accompanied Shino to a cafe where they had a conversation about Gun Gale Online and Shino's intent to participate in the next Bullet of Bullets tournament. After the conversation, Shino returned home, where she tried out holding a model «Procyon SL» to test whether her experience with Behemoth had helped her with her phobia of guns, but still suffered a panic attack from it. She recalled a previous event during her childhood during which she killed a robber with his own gun, a «Type 54 "Black Star"», whilst trying to protect her mother, resulting in her trauma with guns. 

Meanwhile, after telling Asuna his decision to convert his ALO avatar to GGO, Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito) arrived at the Toritsu Central Hospital, where Kikuoka Seijirou had arranged for a nurse to look after his body as a safety precaution. At the designated room, Kazuto met with Nurse Aki, the nurse who oversaw his rehabilitation. After Nurse Aki attached electrodes to Kazuto's body to monitor his condition during his Dive, Kazuto put on an AmuSphere and began his «FullDive». At the same time, the person calling himself «Death Gun» planned to target Sinon as his next victim.

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Sinon, Kirigaya Kazuto, Yuuki Asuna

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