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Stinger (スティンガ, Sutingā?) war einer der Teilnehmer der Gruppe F im 3. Bullet of Bullets in Gun Gale Online. Er war Sinons Gegner im Halbfinale der Vorrunde und der letzte Gegner, den sie besiegen musste, um in den Endkampf zu kommen.


Stingers Primärwaffe in der Vorrunde ist laut Sinon ein Multikalibergewehr namens «FN • SCAR», ausgestattet mit einer ACOG-Linse für eine bessere Genauigkeit. Außerdem trägt er schwarze Handschuhe.


Phantom Bullet

During the semi-finals of the preliminaries, Stinger and Sinon had to fight on the «Wilderness at the Crossroads» stage, which was divided into four blocks that were separated by roads with a single central crossroad connecting the four blocks, making it the best spot for sniping as the players were spawned at least 500 meters apart from each other and thus they could not be placed in the same block and would have to eventually use the crossroads. Stinger's first strategy was to exhaust Sinon's concentration by extending the time before he charged. In the meantime, he found one of the Humvees placed on the map and used it to push a one meter diameter rock onto the crossroads, which Sinon immediately shot with her PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II as she mistook the shadow of the rock for Stinger. After Sinon mistakenly gave away her position and the advantage of the no «No Bullet Line First Shot». first shot, Stinger rushed out with his Humvee, planning to cross the intersection while Sinon was reloading her rifle. However, Sinon used the trajectory path of her previous shot to improve the accuracy of her second shot and, after a slight adjustment to the gun body, Sinon pulled the trigger again and hit directly at the driver's seat. The vehicle then made a big arc as went off the side of the road and crashed into the side of the mountain. Several moments later, Sinon's victory was confirmed.


  • Although Stinger's name is supposed to be based on the portable surface-to-air missile launcher of the same name, he uses a carbine rifle in the BoB.