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Subtilizer (サトライザー, Satoraizā?) is an American Gun Gale Online player who has won the 1st and 4th BoB tournaments on the Japanese GGO servers.


He is a legend amongst GGO players, as he was able to win the 1st BoB tournament with just a knife and a handgun and win the 4th BoB tournament without bringing any weapons of his own, using the «Army Combatative» skill to grapple to his opponent, rob the player's weapon and use the weapon to kill his target. He is somehow able to predict the moves of his targets to ambush them at extremely close range and to kill them before they are even able to use their weapons against him.

Kirito speculates that Subtilizer is actually a soldier or a member of the police's special task force who has been using FullDive technology as part of his combat training to polish his skills and that he then tested the said skills in the BoB tournaments, which would explain his insight to the patterns of veteran players and the smoothness of his moves in the tournaments.

Notable achievementsBearbeiten

  • Winner of the 1st Japanese BoB, using only a knife and a handgun.
  • Winner of the 4th Japanese BoB, without bringing any weapons of his own.


  • Compared to the original web novel, there are a number of instances in the web novel that the character would appear before the end of published version Volume 14 (equivalent to web version Chapter 7's end), but so far all of those instances are removed from the published version.

Spoiler Alert! The following pertains to Untranslated, or Non-Released Content!

  • In the original Web Novel, his real name is revealed to be Gabriel Miller (ガブリエル・ミラー Gaburieru Mirā).[1]
  • In the original Web Novel, he is really a soldier.[1]
  • In the web version, it was revealed that "Subtilizer" is an English word, borrowed from French, which in turn was borrowed from Latin, where it means "one who hides things below". Reki interpreted this as "one who steals things away", similar to the French meaning of "Subtiliser", "to steal".[2]


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