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Alicization Invading (アリシゼーション・インベーディング, Arishizēshon Inbēdingu?) ist der 15. Band in der Sword Art Online light novel Reihe von Kawahara Reki, und erschien am 9. August 2014.


The following is the translated preview to Volume 15, taken from the back of The Isolator Volume 1.

Spoiler Alert! The following pertains to Untranslated, or Non-Released Content!


Volume 15 Preview, from the back of The Isolator Band 1.

 "Kirito,... tell me... What should I do? What should....I do...."

The battle on top of Central Cathedral, which can be called as the most horrific in «Human World»'s history, had come to a close. Even with all the deathly damage done on her, Alice still subconsciously remembered all the things that happened in that battle. The life and death fight between Highest Minister Administrator and Kirito, hindered by Chudelkin's fire of delusional attachment, the Administrator's disappearance with him. Death of Kirito's partner, Eugeo.... Just after that, a crystalline craft descended from the heavens and had a strange talk with Kirito, and at that moment, his body suddenly hardened and fell down--the world turned into complete silence.

Half of a year later--

Alice resides in the «Rulid Village» located on the Northern boundary together with Kirito, who bears zero consciousness and a hollow expression. Alice handed the task of «protecting the Human World» to Bercouli, and decided to have a peace time with the Kirito who lost his heart.

But just at that time, the «Final Load Experiment» predicted by Cardinal is coming closer and closer to all of «Underworld». Evil atmosphere is now starting to flow from the Dark Territory into Human World. Rulid Village is of no exception. The terrifying army of the dark finally starts acting.

Sword Art Online Band 15 to be released by August 10th, 2014--!


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