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This article is about the original Progressive light novel volume. You may be looking for the manga adaptation.

Sword Art Online Progressive Band 2 (ソードアート・オンライン プログレッシブ 002, Sōdo Āto Onrain Puroguresshibu 002?) ist der zweite Band in der "Progressive" Serie und ist ein Neustart der ursprünglichen Sword Art Online light novel Reihe von Kawahara Reki. Dieser Band behandelt die Ereignisse, die stattfanden während des Clearing der 2. Ebene von Aincrad. Der Band wurde am 10. Dezember 2013 veröffentlicht.


Spoiler Alert! The following pertains to Untranslated, or Non-Released Content!

Progressive Volume 2 Preview

The text below is translated from the preview image, from Accel World Volume 15.

Aincrad's 2nd Floor Boss Monster has been defeated by the «Lead Group» player-base.
After the victory, swordsmen «Beater» Kirito and his partner, rapier-user Asuna, withdraw from the main group and ascend the stairs to the next floor.

The 3rd Floor.

There, Kirito and Asuna wait in a dense forest that spanned the entire floor, and start their largest campaign quest.

In the forest, a «forest elf» knight and a «dark elf» knight do battle.

In the beta test, the battle between the two NPC's was supposed to end in a draw, but Kirito ensured the survival of the female dark elf «Kizmel».

Kirito was confused at the difference from the beta, but after a deep interaction with Kizmel, he confirmed that she was an NPC.

Meanwhile, the other players started the «Guild Quest», and Aincrad's first «guild» was formed.

In a while, the Third Ebene «Strategy Meeting» will be opened.

However, in that meeting, Kirito and Asuna are faced with a serious decision with Lind, a scimitar user and the leader of the new «Dragons Knight Brigade».........


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Adaption NotesBearbeiten

  • Dark Elven Royal Guard, Dark Elven Wolf Handler, Forest Elven Hallowed Knight, and Forest Elven Falconer were Dark Elf Sentry, Dark Elf Wolf Handler, Forest Elf Officer, and Forest Elf Falconer in web version respectively.


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