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Ceramic Heart (セラミックハート, Seramikku hāto?) is the third Material Edition of «Sword Art Online». Kawahara Reki published it under his pen name Kunori Fumio. It was sold at COMITIA 84, in May 2008.


At the beginning of the story, Yui claimed that she did not understand human "love". It is revealed that 10 days before, while in ALfheim Online (ALO), she met a boy who confessed to her. Thinking that he wanted to monopolise her, she told him that she would not be his, but the boy said that it was not the reason why he confessed and that there was no need for an answer, saying that his intention was just to finally talk to her before resigning from the game. Confused, Yui asked Asuna what the boy had meant, and she replied that Yui should ask him the next time they meet. As it turned out, the boy had already deleted his account, so Yui accessed the account's remaining personal information in the ALO servers and tracked him down to his place of residence. Asuna went to the house and found out that the boy was actually an elderly man who had recently died, and had taken up a hobby of going into VRMMO games in his last years. Before the elderly man passed away, he last told his adult daughter that he had actually met his deceased wife in ALO. 

Later Yui assessed that the feeling of loss, is what it truly means "to love".


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