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The Pina Edition (ピナ・エディション, Pina Edishon?) is a Pina-themed doujin written by Kawahara Reki, under the pen-name "Kunori Fumio", and drawn by Kurusu Tatsuya ( The doujin was sold in Comitia 105, in August 2013.


This publication consists of:

  • The Fourteenth Autumn (十四回目の秋, Jū Yon Kai Me no Aki?) - a side story that takes place on the 35th Floor of Aincrad, on October 4th, 2024. It tells the story about one of Kirito and Silica's meetings.
  • Pina Edition Bonus Manga Theatre (ピナ・エディ・おまけ・まんが劇場, Pina Edi Omake Manga Gekijō?) - a short, Pina-themed 4-koma manga.


The Fourteenth AutumnBearbeiten

After the 73rd Floor is cleared, Silica invites Kirito to the «Weathercock Pavilion» inn in the town of Mishe on the 35th Floor to celebrate his victory. While they're tasting Silica's favourite nut tart, Pina shows interest in Kirito's slice of tart, even though familiars should only be interested in food if their owner personally feeds them. Kirito allows the dragon to eat a slice of the tart and before Silica can put her dragon down on the floor, Pina nimbly dodges Silica and, after flying a small lap, lands on Kirito's head, where she assumes a sleeping position and falls fast asleep.

While apologizing to Kirito, Silica slips that she loves him and tries to cover it, but messes up. Kirito suddenly brings his menu out and materializes a white box with a blue ribbon. He proceeds to say that he solved the riddle that she gave him a month before, and explained that he discovered her real name and that it was her birthday.

Silica opens the box and finds a ring. She misunderstands the reason for this specific gift at first, but then Kirito tells her that the ring can be used as a cellphone to communicate with him by voice once a month. However, she never got to use it, because the game was cleared about a month later.

In New Aincrad, she decided to look for the «Ring of Angel's Whisper» and obtain it, this time through her own power.

Pina Edition Bonus Manga TheatreBearbeiten

This part included 7 4-koma mangas which mainly focused on Pina and Silica. Their titles are:

  • Hunting (狩り, Kari?)
  • Idol (アイドル, Aidoru?)
  • Meal (ごはん, Gohan?)
  • Bath (おふろ, Ofuro?)
  • Relax Time (リラックスタイム, Rirakkusu Taimu?)
  • Maiden's Heart (オトメゴコロ, Otomegokoro?)
  • Passing Days (めぐる日々, Meguru Hibi?)


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