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Salvia is the fifth Material Edition of Sword Art Online. It is one of the two stories set in the real world rather than a VRMMO. It was sold at COMITIA 88, in May 2009.


Kazuto and Suguha finish training and while resting they start talking about their childhood and how much they like Salvia. Suddenly Kirito remembers something and takes Suguha for a ride on his bike. After a few minutes they stop before a vacant lot and a luxurious house. Suguha finds blue Salvia flowers and a young lady appears from the house and after a little chat, the lady takes a plastic bag and gives them some Salvia before they leave. While leaving, Kirito tells Suguha that he planted those flowers to give them as a birthday present to her long ago but he forgot where the lot was, so after many attempts he gave up and it was not until now that he remembered where it was.


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