Algade Showdown (アルグードの決闘, Arugūdo no kettō?) is the sixth Material Edition for Sword Art Online. It was sold at COMITIA 90, in November 2009.

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Kirito and Asuna are in their home on the 22nd Floor, when, suddenly, Asuna brings up the topic about the cook of a restaurant. Although, at first, Kirito is clueless to what Asuna is referring to, he soon realizes that she's talking about Algade House, the restaurant they went with Heathcliff six months ago. They start discussing whether the chef is actually a player or just an NPC. After discussing for a while, as Kirito is unable to let the topic go, they devise a plan that would help them confirm whether the chef is an NPC or a player.

They wait for the cook to exit his shop, but after six hours of fruitless waiting, Kirito and Asuna realize the need for a different plan. They plan to enter the shop and eat until the chef runs out of supplies and has to exit the shop to buy more. If the chef does not run out of supplies, then the chef is an NPC.

Kirito and Asuna then enter the shop and eat up to the fifth bowl before Asuna loses consciousness from being too full. Kirito continues up to the eight bowl before reaching his limit. It is just then that he remembers the soy sauce Asuna had made, and pours it into the bowl, and with it, he finishes the bowl. The cook notices the sauce, and asks to taste it, discovering that it is soy sauce.

After this pleasant discovery, he rejoices while thinking about reopening his shop in the real world, Kirito realizes that the chef is a player before falling unconscious.

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