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Monochrome Concerto (黒白のコンチェルト, Koku Byaku no Koncheruto?, lit. Concerto of Black and White) is the ninth material edition of Sword Art Online. This publication consists of the first chapter of the Monochrome Concerto side-story, which was later expanded and published as the second volume of the Progressive series.


Kirito and Asuna finally make their way to the 3rd Floor after clearing the 2nd Floor boss. Kirito explains to Asuna about the new monsters that will appear and how Kayaba Akihiko considered SAO a "Concerto of life and death". While talking, they arrive at the door leading to the new floor, however Kirito doesn't notice it and hits his head on the door, missteps and loses his balance, falling in the new unlocked floor. While Kirito mourns on the floor, Asuna enters and admires the scenery, Kirito interrupts her and allows her to decide to continue in a party or to disband it.

After Asuna tells him that she doesn't want to disband the party, Kirito starts walking, and explaining the situation in the forest they were. While explaining about the map, Kirito was attacked by a «Treant Sapling». They defeated their enemy in three minutes, and continue. Kirito explained that he wanted to start a quest, but it'll require finding an NPC in a random location, so they start searching for the sound of swords colliding. They followed the trail and finally arrive to the desired location. Kirito explained the procedure of the quest and they start attacking, surprisingly they defeated an elite NPC.


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