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16.6 is the 10th Material Edition of the Sword Art Online series and is a direct sequel to The Day Before[1]. Kawahara Reki published it under his pen name, Kunori Fumio. It was sold at COMITIA 106, in November 2013.


Part 1Bearbeiten

Kirito navigated to the «Main Menu Window», from his laid down position, and found his way to the least used option in SAO. «Marriage». Without hesitating, he pressed down on Asuna's name, and waited for Asuna to accept the marriage proposal. He had already proposed the previous night, to which Asuna said yes, and today they were on the 22nd Floor of Aincrad in front of a log house, after completing a battle quest they were dragged into only minutes ago. When Asuna selected her option, Kirito did not even need to read the notification, as he knew what answer Asuna selected. When it was done, the two, clad in their regular battle attire, hugged as their hearts overlapped, and slowly came into sync.

Part 2Bearbeiten

Kirito asked Asuna if she was fine without a marriage ceremony, to which she replied after some thinking, that she would like one, and that Ashley offered to make her a dress. However, she acknowledged that it would be disrespectful to do so after taking a personal leave from the guild, while everyone else was fighting hard to clear the 75th Floor. Kirito agreed, though suggests that perhaps they could have a ceremony after all of the fighting is over, and they could invite everyone they know.


  • The title, although denied by author, is actually a play on the name of an author's doujin story, namely 16.5, which had mature content and was once posted on a hidden part of his website.


  1. The Afterwords of this story.


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