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16.7 is the 11th Material Edition of the Sword Art Online series, and is a direct sequel to 16.6[1]. Kawahara Reki published it under his pen name, Kunori Fumio. It was sold at COMITIA 107, in February 2014.


Part 1Bearbeiten

The doujin began with Asuna listening to Kirito's heartbeat as continued from the end of the previous work, 16.6. Kirito had a number of thoughts about heartbeats and then reversed his and Asuna's position to listen to Asuna's heartbeat. Then after some interactions, they hugged each other and Kirito did the things that he wanted to do "as permitted a few hours ago".

Part 2Bearbeiten

After Kirito recounted on the near past, he awoke to the tasty smell of breakfast being prepared by Asuna. And after they finished the breakfast, they went to bathe together.


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