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Uemaru (餓丸?) was one of the participants in group F of the preliminaries of the 3rd Bullet of Bullets in Gun Gale Online. Uemaru was Kirito’s first opponent in the preliminaries.

Appearance[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Uemaru has a tea-coloured beard, wears goggles that cover more than half of his face, and has a helmet with fake grass on it to act as camouflage. He also wears a camouflage suit that allows him to blend in with his surroundings. In The Forgotten Old Monastery, his camouflage looked similar to the surrounding grassland and had slight streamlined patterns on it.

His weapon of choice is an assault rifle.

Chronology[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Phantom Bullet Arc[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

On December 13, 2025, as soon as the first round of the preliminaries of the 3rd Bullet of Bullets began, Uemaru equipped a camouflage suit and managed to close in from 500 to 20 meters to his opponent, Kirito. At that moment, Uemaru opened fire on Kirito, forcing him to jump up to avoid the incoming fire and somersault his way behind a half-broken pillar for cover. Although Kirito managed to get behind the pillar, he was hit by several bullets, thus his HP had already decreased by about 10%, and was pinned down behind the pillar due to Uemaru's rapid fire, which denied Kirito any chance to use his FN Five-Seven to counter-attack from a distance.

When Kirito decided to use a rush attack to close the distance between him and his opponent, the surprised Uemaru took about half a second to realise the situation and step out of his hiding place to get into a shooting position, while in the meantime, Kirito managed to run past half of the 25 meters that separated them. When Uemaru opened fire on Kirito again, he was shocked that Kirito successfully managed to block 6 of his bullets with his Kagemitsu G4 photon sword, while the rest of his bullets missed their target due to poor accuracy. Although Uemaru's jaw dropped in shock at this development, he immediately regained his senses and continued ejecting his current magazine, while preparing to load another one from his waist.

Noticing Uemaru's plan, Kirito used his Five-Seven to fire 5 bullets at Uemaru, hitting him once in the shoulder and once in the abdomen, while the other 3 bullets missed their target. Although the damage done by the pistol only decreased Uemaru's HP by 10%, the moment of hesitation caused by this action was enough for Kirito to enter his attack range for his sword and he imitated «Vorpal Strike», lunging directly at Uemaru's chest and killing him with that one attack.

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