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The 1st Floor (第1層, Dai 1-sō?) of Aincrad is geographically the largest floor. It is almost completely circular with a diameter of ten kilometers (eighty square kilometers). The 1st Floor is roughly the same size as Saitama Prefecture Kawagoe City (population 330,000).

The main settlement on the 1st Floor is the Town of Beginnings, but there are also numerous other towns and villages on this floor.


Unlike the higher floors of Aincrad, the 1st Floor does not have a particular theme or dominant geography. As the starting location of all new players, the great expanse of the 1st Floor is quite diverse.

The Town of Beginnings is located on the southern end of the floor and rests over the edge of the floating castle. The metropolis encompasses twenty percent of the floor's surface area[1] and is the focal point of the floor, featuring the teleport gate in the central plaza. The city wall forms a semi-circle to the north.

Grasslands surround the Town of Beginnings, and they are populated primarily by boar and wolf-type monsters. Worms, beetles, and wasp-type insect monsters also inhabit the grasslands surrounding the Town of Beginnings.

To the northwest of the Town of Beginnings, there is a deep forest region. The northeast is a lake region. Players must pass through either of the two regions before reaching a significantly more dangerous mountainous region containing ruins, valleys, and more difficult monsters.

The 1st Floor Labyrinth is located on the far northern edge of the floor. It begins at part of a large 300 meter wide by 100 meter tall tower that is a portion of the dungeon that leads to the 2nd Floor. This Labyrinth has twenty floors before the boss room on the 20th floor of the Labyrinth.


Though it is said that various small to medium sized towns and villages dot the landscape of the first floor, there are few that are really the most active, and notable.

«Town of Beginnings»[]

The Town of Beginnings is the main settlement on the 1st Floor. It is the beginning point of all players and also the largest town in Aincrad. It is also where a majority of the non-players in «Sword Art Online» reside.

«Tolbana» Town[]

Tolbana is the second largest town on the 1st Floor, at approximately 200 meters wide. It is the closest town to the 1st Floor Labyrinth, only 30 minutes away from its entrance, and it is the site of the first «1st floor boss strategy conference». The town is lined with large windmills. Players first arrived at Tolbana three weeks after official service of SAO began.

Tolbana has several bars and restaurants, 3 inns, and a number of NPC houses. Kirito rented the 2nd floor of a farmer's house once for ten days. Tolbana also has several fountains and an amphitheatre-like meeting place. Its main plaza is known as «Fountain Square».

«Horunka» Village[]

Horunka is a village located to the northwest of the Town of Beginnings on the 1st Floor. It is also the place where the player can start a quest to obtain an «Anneal Blade».

«Medai» Village[]

Medai is a village on the 1st Floor.[2]

Known Quests[]

Known Bosses[]

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2 Urbus, Urbus Teleport Gate Plaza, Marome Village, Taran Village
3 Forest of Wavering Mists, Zumfut, Zumfut Teleport Gate Plaza, Dessel
4 Rovia, Rovia Teleport Gate Plaza, Bear Forest, Yofel Castle, Usco Village, Caldera Lake
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25 Giltstein, Giltstein Teleport Gate Plaza, Former location of the Knights of Blood Headquarters
27 Ronbaru Town, Ronbaru Teleport Gate
28 Wolf Plains
35 Forest of Wandering, Mishe, Mishe Teleport Gate Plaza
39 Nolfret, Nolfret Teleport Gate Plaza, Former location of the Knights of Blood Headquarters
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46 Ant Hill
47 Floria, Floria Gate Plaza, Hill of Memories, Forest of Giant Flowers
48 Lindarth, Lindarth Teleport Gate Plaza
49 Myujen, Myujen Teleport Gate Plaza
50 Algade, Algade Teleport Gate Plaza
55 Granzam, Granzam Teleport Gate Plaza, Knights of Blood Headquarters, West Mountain
56 Pani, Divine Dragon Alliance Headquarters
57 Marten, Marten Teleport Gate Plaza
59 Danac, Danac Teleport Gate Plaza
61 Selmburg, Selmburg Teleport Gate Plaza
65 Old Castle Labyrinth
66 Old Castle Labyrinth
72 Ozmalt, Ozmalt Teleport Gate Plaza, Agarla Village
74 Kamdet, Kamdet Teleport Gate Plaza
75 Collinia, Collinia Teleport Gate Plaza
100 Ruby Palace
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