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The 2nd Floor (第2層, Dai 2-sō?) of Aincrad is a savanna realm covered in plains and boulders and roughly the same size as the first floor.

The background music for the second floor is more sorrowful in tone (oboe music) than the string orchestral music for the first floor. The NPCs also have subtle differences in their garments.


The 2nd Floor is divided into a wide-open northern half and a narrow southern half. The floor consists mostly of table-topped mountains, looming over plains, dotted with small caves through which underground rivers run. It is primarily inhabited by large ox-type monsters.

To the west of Urbus is a savanna and field region characterized by dangerous buffalo-type monsters roaming about. Beyond the savanna is a wasteland which Kirito regards as dangerous when the floor is opened.

There is an exceptionally high towering mountain in the southern edge of the floor, which is a small clearing surrounded by cliffs, a spring, and a lone tree. This is the start point of Martial Arts quest.

Settlements and Landmarks[]


Urbus is the main settlement of the second floor. It is about 300 meters in diameter. The entire city appears to be excavated from a flat-topped mountain and rests in a crater. The city gates and walls rest on the outer rim of the crater.

Like all district settlements, Urbus has a main street which runs north-south. The 2nd Floor Teleport Gate is located in an elevated Town Square.

The buildings in Urbus are all relatively of the same height, so it is possible to jump from rooftop to rooftop.

First Floor Dungeon Exit[]

The first floor exit is on a cliff. A series of winding stairs (each with 48 steps), a player can reach ground level. It is about 1 kilometer distant from Urbus. Since the First Floor Dungeon is located on the north end of the First Floor, it can be deduced that Urbus and the exit is located on the northern end of the second floor.


Marome is a small village about three kilometers southeast of Urbus. Its shops lack variety in wares, and it has no NPC blacksmith.

Martial Arts Master's Hut[]

The hut is located on top of the mountain of the second floor. Kirito reached the hut with Argo's guide.

Known Quests[]

  • «Martial Arts» Extra Skill Quest

Known Bosses[]

Known Monsters[]




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2 Urbus, Urbus Teleport Gate Plaza, Marome Village, Taran Village
3 Forest of Wavering Mists, Zumfut, Zumfut Teleport Gate Plaza, Dessel
4 Rovia, Rovia Teleport Gate Plaza, Bear Forest, Yofel Castle, Usco Village, Caldera Lake
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8 Frieven Village, Frieven Teleport Gate Plaza
9 Dark Elf Queen's Castle[Navbar 10]
10 Thousand Snake Castle[Navbar 11]
11 Taft, Taft Teleport Gate
19 Ralberg, Ralberg Teleport Gate, Hill of the Cross, Griselda's Tomb
20 Sunshine Forest
22 Coral Village, Coral Teleport Gate Plaza, Forest House K4, Lake Outside Coral Village
24 Panareze, Panareze Teleport Gate Plaza
25 Giltstein, Giltstein Teleport Gate Plaza, Former location of the Knights of Blood Headquarters
27 Ronbaru Town, Ronbaru Teleport Gate
28 Wolf Plains
35 Forest of Wandering, Mishe, Mishe Teleport Gate Plaza
39 Nolfret, Nolfret Teleport Gate Plaza, Former location of the Knights of Blood Headquarters
40 Jaileum, Jaileum Teleport Gate Plaza
46 Ant Hill
47 Floria, Floria Gate Plaza, Hill of Memories, Forest of Giant Flowers
48 Lindarth, Lindarth Teleport Gate Plaza
49 Myujen, Myujen Teleport Gate Plaza
50 Algade, Algade Teleport Gate Plaza
55 Granzam, Granzam Teleport Gate Plaza, Knights of Blood Headquarters, West Mountain
56 Pani, Divine Dragon Alliance Headquarters
57 Marten, Marten Teleport Gate Plaza
59 Danac, Danac Teleport Gate Plaza
61 Selmburg, Selmburg Teleport Gate Plaza
65 Old Castle Labyrinth
66 Old Castle Labyrinth
72 Ozmalt, Ozmalt Teleport Gate Plaza, Agarla Village
74 Kamdet, Kamdet Teleport Gate Plaza
75 Collinia, Collinia Teleport Gate Plaza
100 Ruby Palace
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