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The 35th Floor (第35層, Dai 35-sō?) of Aincrad is home to the Forest of Wandering and the Christmas event boss, Nicholas The Renegade.

Settlements and Notable LocationsEdit


A town in a medieval European style, with white buildings and red roofs. In the anime, the streets are paved with stone, and oil lamps hang from supports and and over doorways, and brick is used in some construction.

Forest of WanderingEdit

A field dungeon that forbids teleportion as a means of escape. The Forest must be navigated, each section within a time limit, to be successfully escaped. On Christmas day, Nicholas The Renegade arrives near a giant fir tree in the Forest.


The floor was reached and then cleared in-between June, 2023[1] and December 2023.[2]

On December 24, 2023, Kirito arrived at the Forest of Wandering, intent on soloing Nicholas The Renegade for his rare revival item, the Divine Stone of Returning Soul. Klein attempted to dissuade Kirito from such a reckless maneuver, but when members of Divine Dragon Alliance arrived to claim the Stone for themselves, Klein offered to hold them off while Kirito faced Nicholas. After defeating the boss, Kirito discovered that the Stone could only be used to revive the recent dead, thus it was useless for his intended purpose of reviving Sachi, who had died many months earlier, and so he turned the Stone over to Klein.

On February 23, 2024, Silica parted ways with Rosalia and the rest of their party over an argument concerning distribution of loot. Still within the Forest of Wandering, Silica gradually ran out of healing crystals and lost her familiar, Pina, in combat. Kirito arrived shortly thereafter, rescuing Silica and returning her to Mishe. He offered to take her to the Hill of Memories to revive Pina. In truth, Kirito had come to investigate Rosalia and the dealings of her guild, Titan's Hand.

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  1. Frontline was at the 30th Floor (3 floors above the Labyrinth where the guild encountered the trap) at the time of the demise of the Black Cats, according to Red-Nosed Reindeer.
  2. The frontline was at the 49th Floor on Christmas Eve, according to Red-Nosed Reindeer.


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  2. Only in the SAO official service
  3. Only in the SAO Beta
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