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The 74th Floor (第74層, Dai 74-sō?) of Aincrad is a mostly hilly floor and the 2nd to last floor to be reached in the original Aincrad before Sword Art Online was cleared.


The floor consists of mountainous terrain and plains. The area around the Labyrinth is mountainous with thick, overgrown forests full of old trees, which are covered in green lichens and have numerous vines dangling from their branches. A meadow of blue flowers grows between the forest closest to the Labyrinth and the Labyrinth itself.

Settlements and Notable Locations[]


The main city of the floor is located a thirty-minute walk away from the forest around the Labyrinth.


The entrance to the Labyrinth is carved into one of the mountains of the floor. The interior of the Labyrinth consists of obsidian-like stone walls and floor, various brown, white and multicolour paths stretching in all directions with dead white trees growing along the paths.


The floor was reached in the first days of October, 2024, after the 73rd Floor Boss was defeated.[1] Active exploration of the Labyrinth began on October 9, 2024,[2] while the Boss Room of the Labyrinth was discovered nine days later, on October 18,[3] by Kirito and Asuna who had made a party for the day. Although they retreated to a safe area after seeing the boss, they were forced to fight it that same day without a strategy meeting or a proper raid party, due to a party of the Aincrad Liberation Force led by Kobatz assaulting the boss without any help and ignoring warnings about the dangerous boss from Kirito. After the boss had already killed three members of the Aincrad Liberation Force, including Kobatz, Asuna rushed in to protect the remaining members of the guild from being killed by the boss, with Kirito and the Fuurinkazan members following after her. As the boss room was the first to include an Anti-Crystal Area, it was impossible to retreat safely from the boss room, thus Kirito revealed his secret Dual Blades skill to defeat the boss with his high-damage skills before it could finish him off. With just a few dots left in his Hit Points (HP) bar, Kirito managed to defeat the boss with one of his high-level Dual Blades Sword Skills, Starburst Stream.

Known Monsters[]

Known Bosses[]




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2 Urbus, Urbus Teleport Gate Plaza, Marome Village, Taran Village
3 Forest of Wavering Mists, Zumfut, Zumfut Teleport Gate Plaza, Dessel
4 Rovia, Rovia Teleport Gate Plaza, Bear Forest, Yofel Castle, Usco Village, Caldera Lake
5 Karluin, Karluin Teleport Gate Plaza, Mananarena, Shiyaya
6 Stachion, Stachion Teleport Gate Plaza, Suribus, Ararro Town, Castle Galey, Lake Talpha, Cave City of Goskai, Murutsuki Village
7 Lexio[Navbar 4], Lexio Teleport Gate Plaza, Verdian Prairie, Volupta, Volupta Grand Casino[Navbar 5], Volupta Beach[Navbar 6], Volupta Grand Casino Monster Arena[Navbar 7], Plamio, Skeleton Prairie,[Navbar 8] Forest of the Shaky Boulders, Halin Arboreal Palace[Navbar 9], Ant-Crossing Ravine, Tribra Village
8 Frieven Village, Frieven Teleport Gate Plaza
9 Dark Elf Queen's Castle[Navbar 10]
10 Thousand Snake Castle[Navbar 11]
11 Taft, Taft Teleport Gate
19 Ralberg, Ralberg Teleport Gate, Hill of the Cross, Griselda's Tomb
20 Sunshine Forest
22 Coral Village, Coral Teleport Gate Plaza, Forest House K4, Lake Outside Coral Village
24 Panareze, Panareze Teleport Gate Plaza
25 Giltstein, Giltstein Teleport Gate Plaza, Former location of the Knights of Blood Headquarters
27 Ronbaru Town, Ronbaru Teleport Gate
28 Wolf Plains
35 Forest of Wandering, Mishe, Mishe Teleport Gate Plaza
39 Nolfret, Nolfret Teleport Gate Plaza, Former location of the Knights of Blood Headquarters
40 Jaileum, Jaileum Teleport Gate Plaza
46 Ant Hill
47 Floria, Floria Gate Plaza, Hill of Memories, Forest of Giant Flowers
48 Lindarth, Lindarth Teleport Gate Plaza
49 Myujen, Myujen Teleport Gate Plaza
50 Algade, Algade Teleport Gate Plaza
55 Granzam, Granzam Teleport Gate Plaza, Knights of Blood Headquarters, West Mountain
56 Pani, Divine Dragon Alliance Headquarters
57 Marten, Marten Teleport Gate Plaza
59 Danac, Danac Teleport Gate Plaza
61 Selmburg, Selmburg Teleport Gate Plaza
65 Old Castle Labyrinth
66 Old Castle Labyrinth
72 Ozmalt, Ozmalt Teleport Gate Plaza, Agarla Village
74 Kamdet, Kamdet Teleport Gate Plaza
75 Collinia, Collinia Teleport Gate Plaza
100 Ruby Palace
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