Disclaimer: very little is known about abec and information from different sources is not consistent, therefore the following page may not be completely accurate.

abec (アベシ, abeshi?) is the illustrator for the Sword Art Online light novel series.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • abec took part in the Ordinal Scale panel at Sakura-Con 2016, where he drew different characters in their movie outfits during the panel.[citation needed]
  • Contrary to popular belief (and fact), abec and BUNBUN claim to be two different people.[2]
  • According to what is being said, BUNBUN is abec's neighbor.[3] But Taiwan Kadokawa said BUNBUN is another pen name used by abec in its introduction page of Sword Art Online.[4]
  • abec is self-claimed to be a high school girl.[2]
  • abec placed first in the Top 10 Illustrators in the Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! 2013 awards.[5] He placed sixth back in 2011[6], third in 2012[7] and 2014.[8]
  • abec, with author Reki Kawahara, and producer Kazuma Miki, was invited as a guest of honor to Anime Expo 2014.[9]
  • abec was said to be in jet lag so BUNBUN replaced his appearance in the Anime Expo 2014 conference.[citation needed]
  • The programming guide of Anime Expo 2014 claimed that abec is actually a man[10] in his 20's[citation needed].
  • During the SAO panel in Anime Expo on July 5th, it was revealed that abec's older sister is Horiguchi Yukiko, the character designer of K-On, Kokoro Connect and Tamako Market.[citation needed] Horiguchi Yukiko herself was also reported as using an alias Shiromisakana to provide the end card image for Sword Art Online Episode 14 and draw illustrations for light novels such as Kokoro Connect and others.[11]
  • Historically BUNBUN has replaced abec to make an appearance in some events for reasons like abec being too shy to appear publicly and such.[citation needed]

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