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Agil's Shop (エグルの店, Egiru no Mise?) is an item shop, owned by Agil, in Algade on the 50th Floor.

The shop’s motto is "buy cheap, and sell cheap".


Agil’s Item Shop is a two-story building to the west of Algade’s Teleport Gate. The first floor is a small room where even five players could feel cramped, and has the trademark dizziness of a player shop with tools, weapons, and food ingredients mixed together. In a back room, there is a small, simple bed.

The second floor of the shop is the main bedroom, situated with another bed (implying that it was more comfortable than the one on the first floor), a rocking chair, and a small table.


Aincrad Arc[]

A Murder Case in the Area[]

Kirito and Asuna ventured to Algade to ask Agil about the weapon found at the crime scene where it had supposedly killed Caynz. As they arrived, Agil sent all of the current customers out and closed shop before addressing Kirito and Asuna. Kirito presented the merchant the rope at the murder scene, which turned out to be a normal item that could be bought at various NPC stores.

However, when presented with the murder weapon, Agil disclosed that the weapon was created by Grimlock, and its name was Guilty Thorn. Then, the three left for the Town of Beginnings to check whether Grimlock was still alive or not.

October, 2024[]

Agil and Kirito trading

The shop was first introduced after Kirito teleported to Algade via Teleport Crystal. Agil had finished bargaining with another player, and managed to buy the player’s goods at a small price. When the player left, Kirito presented the Ragout Rabbit's Meat to an astonished Agil, who told Kirito that he had enough money and suggested cooking it. Kirito only said that he would probably burn it, and that finding a cook who could would take too much effort.

Then, Asuna appeared in the shop, causing Kirito to grasp Asuna’s shoulder and say that he "acquired his cook". Kirito then noticed two «Knights of the Blood» members behind Asuna, and so released and addressed her informally. Asuna told Kirito that she was actually looking for him to check if he was still alive, and then asked what he had meant by "cook acquired". Kirito asked Asuna what her Cooking skill’s level was, and Asuna revealed that she had completed it a week ago. Kirito once again presented the Ragout Rabbit meat and told her that if she cooked it, Kirito would give her a bite of it to eat.

"Cook acquired."

But, Asuna grabbed Kirito's collar and demanded half of it. Kirito hastily agreed out of shock. Agil then requested a taste of the S-rank meat, but Kirito replied that he would instead write an 800-word essay on its taste, to Agil's dismay. Kirito and Asuna then left for Selmburg, where Asuna's house was located, to cook it.

Kirito later returned to Agil's shop after the feat of single-handedly defeating The Gleam Eyes, as well as the global knowledge of the «Dual Blades» Unique Skill. Thus, Kirito was stuck using Agil's shop as a "disaster shelter" because he couldn't return to his own house because of various swordsmen and information brokers seeking information on Kirito’s Unique Skill. Agil was left to sleeping in a simple bed on the first floor, but hadn't chased Kirito out because of Asuna's frequent visits, which Agil referred to as the "best advertising opportunity he could get".

The second floor's bedroom

Agil was reading the headlines of Kirito's incredible feat, which led to Kirito complaining about moving to a rural floor so that the players would not be able to find him. Agil retorted that Kirito should hold a presentation to raise money, causing Kirito to throw the cup of tea in his hand, using the «Weapon Throw» skill, at the space just stray from Agil's head, and into the wall. Kirito then noted that Asuna was nearly two hours late of their meeting. Asuna finally burst into the room, bringing urgent news. When she had requested to take a break, the Guild Leader told her that she would only get her break if Kirito would duel him. Kirito and Asuna then left for «Granzam» to speak to Heathcliff.

After the meeting with Heathcliff, Kirito had accepted the duel for conscription or Asuna’s release. Asuna berated Kirito for his rash decision, and Kirito defended that he was caught in the moment and spoke without thinking. Kirito then stated that it would not be definite that he would lose, but then added that all he wanted was to be with Asuna. Soon after, Kirito and Asuna depart for «Collinia», the place where Kirito would duel with Heathcliff.

Kirito telling Asuna his past history with a guild.

Two days later, after Kirito's loss to Heathcliff and conscription into the KoB, Asuna had forced Kirito into his new blindingly white KoB uniform. After their "proper guild greetings", Asuna questioned Kirito about his avoidance of guilds and other players. Kirito hesitated before revealing that he had once joined a guild, the «Moonlit Black Cats», a small guild, all members of which were at a lower level than himself. He told Asuna of Sachi and the demise of his former guild in an Anti-Crystal Area trap in an undiscovered part of a cleared Labyrinth, though their guild leader, Keita, jumped off of Aincrad's edge upon hearing the news of his guild's death and the disclosure of Kirito's Beater status. Kirito ended the story admitting his guilt, but Asuna consoled Kirito that she would not die and embraced him.

Later, after Kirito's KoB evaluation gone wrong, Agil allowed Kirito and Asuna, whom were newly married, to stay at his shop. However, Kirito declined the offer, as "spending a newly-wed life within a merchant shop was far too tragic".



  • In the anime, Lisbeth makes an appearance to remind Kirito about their "secret". In the Light Novel, this doesn't happen.


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