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An Si-eun (安施恩(アンシウン), An Shiun?), known as Siune (シウネー, Shiunē?) in «ALfheim Online» (ALO), is a supporting character in Mother's Rosario. She was the second sub-leader of the «Sleeping Knights», a guild of terminally ill patients who met in Serene Garden and played various virtual reality games as a form of palliative care. An Si-eun had played a variety of virtual reality games, including Insect Site, until the guild eventually arrived to ALfheim Online, where An Si-eun chose to be an Undine.


Real Life[]

An Si-eun wears glasses, and, having lost her hair to chemotherapy, wears a wig as well.[1]

ALfheim Online Avatar[]

An Si-eun's avatar has long, light-blue hair which is almost pure white, one of the most defining feature of Undine players. She also has calm deep-blue eyes shining radiantly beneath her drooping eyelashes, a long nose, lustrous lips and surprisingly slender body, all of which give off the feeling of an excellent Undine healer.

In town, she wears light, blue ordinary clothes, but in battle, she wears an Ancient-level, cleric-styled, white and navy-blue robe, a hat which poofs out like a cake, and she carries a thin silver staff in her right hand.


An Si-eun is kind at heart, but also somewhat sensitive and emotional.[citation needed] Si-eun is not as emotionally resilient as Yuuki, as she was ready to give up many times, but, after meeting her and learning that she had been going through the same pain all her life, Si-eun forced herself to continue.[1]


Since her father is a Korean resident of Japan while her mother is Japanese, An Si-eun learnt to speak both Korean and Japanese from her parents.[2]

As with the other members of the Sleeping Knights, An Si-eun was diving into virtual worlds to improve her life quality, since she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She was treated with chemotherapy and became better, but after a year, she was sick again. As she was not compatible for a bone marrow transplant, she was given drugs and salvage chemotherapy to ease the pain[1].

An Si-eun also has a brother, who accompanied her to Yuuki's memorial service, but waited outside at her request.[1]


Mother's Rosario[]

An Si-eun was first introduced in an inn on the 27th Floor of Aincrad as a member of the Sleeping Knights guild. She acted as a support player to her party during battles, not only healing, but also casting buffs on them. With Asuna's help, they managed to defeat the floor's boss. After the guild disbanded, Siune was the only one who faced Asuna and asked her not to look for them. After Asuna met Yuuki at the hospital, Siune, along with the other members, returned to ALO and cleared the 28th and 29th Floors. Throughout February, Si-eun received less medication, and while her doctors told her that her condition was improving, she believed she would soon die.[1] The day after Yuuki passed away, the doctors informed An Si-eun that she had completely recovered and she was discharged from hospital.

A week later, after Yuuki's funeral had ended, An Si-eun approached Asuna, introducing herself and revealing that she has recovered. She revealed that she felt guilty about outliving Yuuki and the other members of the Sleeping Knights, but was comforted when Asuna said that thanks to Yuuki, she now knew what it meant to live life to the fullest. An Si-eun then thanked Asuna for making Yuuki so happy, and was pleased with the thought that it may be a while before the Sleeping Knights were reunited in death. Doctor Kurahashi soon arrived and congratulated An Si-eun on her recovery, saying that Yuuki would have been pleased with it.

Alicization Arc[]

Alicization Awakening[]

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Siune, along with the remaining members of the Sleeping Knights, was among the 2,000 Japanese players who helped the residents of Underworld defend against Gabriel's army of converted players during the War of the Underworld.

When PoH gathered an army of Korean players, Siune used Korean to communicate with the Korean players to warn them that they had been deceived. Although she managed to get several players to listen to her, they were interrupted by PoH, who attacked a player listening to her and began persuading the others to continue fighting. When Siune attempted to plead to the Koreans to believe her, she was struck by PoH's cleaver and kicked to the ground by the leader of the Korean group the moment a group of Chinese players broke the ceasefire.

Notable Achievements[]

  • Helped defeat the bosses of the 27th, 28th and 29th floors of New Aincrad.


See An Si-eun/Image Gallery


  • An Si-eun/Siune, originally An Shi En/Shiien in the web novel, is actually a Korean name. However, the name was changed in the light novel, because, when the author was working on the paperback version of his novel, he consulted a Japanese-Korean translator on whether the name he had used in the web novel actually existed. He found out that, although Shiien did not exist, Si-eun was a rather popular name.[4]



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