The «Ancient Forest» (古森, Furu Mori?) is a forest dungeon located in the north-eastern area of the Sylph zone and the south-western corner of the realm of Alfheim in ALfheim Online.


The Ancient Forest is a large forest that consists of large trees that are hundreds of years old.[1] They are covered in fungus while the foliage in the forest is so dense that it is impossible to see far.[1] A river runs in zigzags throughout the forest.[2] Numerous flying islands, some of which have waterfalls, hover over the forest.[2] Although most of the forest is on a plain terrain, some areas are hilly or mountainous.[2]


Fairy Dance ArcEdit

On January 20, 2025, Sigurd's party of Sylph players, including Leafa and Recon, travelled through the Ancient Forest while returning to the Sylph territory from a neutral zone where they had been hunting. However, they were attacked en route by eight Salamanders. After some time, Leafa and Recon managed to temporarily run away from the five remaining Salamanders, but due to Recon's vertigo slowing them down, the Salamanders easily caught up. After a battle, two more Salamanders and Recon were killed and Leafa had to land due to flying for too long.

Meanwhile, due to Leafa and Kirito sharing the same IP address, the latter ended up entering the game at the forest, instead of the Spriggan starting zone as intended. After browsing through his window and confirming that the logout button was there, he discovered that his stats were identical to those that he had in Sword Art Online. He also found that he had a lot of unidentified items, among which he discovered Yui, and thus materialised her. After a conversation, Yui informed him of a battle taking place in the forest and Kirito set out to take a look. There he easily dispatched two of the Salamanders, allowing the remaining Salamander, Kagemune, to escape. After Kirito's conversation with Leafa, they both agreed to travel to Swilvane for Leafa to treat Kirito to a drink for saving her.

The next day, on January 21, 2025, Kirito and Leafa returned to the Ancient Forest en route to the Legrue Corridor. On their way, they battled with several Evil Glancers and stopped near the edge of the forest to rest and rotate to tend to their real life needs before continuing on their journey. Once both of them took their turns, they proceeded out of the forest and towards the Legrue Corridor.

Known MonstersEdit




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