Ant Hill refers to a dungeon on the 46th Floor of Aincrad.


The Ant Hill is a cliff that is surrounded by many caves, from where the dungeon's signature ant monsters spawn from. These ant monsters have a high attack power, but have a very low HP and defense stat.

It is a popular location for gaining experience points, and due to its high popularity, a party is only allowed one hour of experience gain.


Aincrad ArcEdit

Red-Nosed ReindeerEdit

Kirito had been at this dungeon since 8pm that day to level up. After one of the one-hour time limits, Klein approached Kirito and noted that the time was 2am, and that Kirito had stayed at the dungeon for 6 hours. Kirito nonchalantly replied that he rested within the two-hour intervals until he could start hunting again, and finally admitted that he had reached Level 69 that day. Klein asked about why he was leveling up so hard.

Kirito then inquired if Klein was asking about him going to fight Christmas Flag Mob on Christmas Eve in 5 days. He then explained that he had bought Argo's information about Klein buying the information that Kirito was going to fight the Flag Mob. The conversation then deviated to the revival item, with Klein starting to object that «death» in the game was probably not true for real death. Kirito told Klein to shut up, and further told him about pursuing the small chance of saving one of the deceased.

Klein then noted that it had been a month since Kirito's former guild, the Moonlit Black Cats, had perished. Kirito appeared to keep holding the guilt upon himself, and that he would keep pursuing the chance of retrieving the revival item. Kirito then asked Klein what his reason for getting the revival item was, and Klein revealed that he too had lost a friend. The conversation ended with Klein saying that if Kirito died a brave, he would not use the revival item on him.

Klein's guild never returned to the Ant Hill after that encounter. Kirito trained for four more days, until he reached Level 70, and used a Teleport Crystal to travel to the frontline city on the 49th Floor.

Known MonstersEdit

  • Ant queen
  • Giant ant


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  2. Only in the SAO official service
  3. Only in the SAO Beta
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