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The Argus Logo

«Argus» (アーガス, Āgasu?) was the corporation that produced the world's first VRMMO game, Sword Art Online, and the «NerveGear». Kayaba Akihiko was an employee of this company, having become the manager of the 3rd developing branch when he was in his second year at Teito University.


Aincrad Arc[]

Argus was the gaming corporation that produced «Sword Art Online» and «NerveGear» under the direction of Kayaba Akihiko, who had long been employed as one of its game designers. The fifth floor basement contained the data for the world of Aincrad. When Kayaba Akihiko effectively trapped 10,000 players in the game, many of the deceased players' family members sued the company. Argus then filed bankruptcy, selling their rights to the Cardinal System to RECT Progress Inc., which used it to create ALfheim Online.