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The Augma (オーグマー, Ōgumā?) is a next-generation wearable multi-device developed by Professor Shigemura Tetsuhiro and distributed by an emerging information and communication technology (ICT) company named Kamura.[1] The device was released in April, 2026.[2] Unlike its predecessors, the «NerveGear» and «AmuSphere», the Augma is capable of sending signals to the brain while the users are awake,[1] and is thus primarily used as an Augmented Reality (拡張現実, Kakuchou Genjitsu?, abbreviated as AR) device. Unbeknown to the general public, the Augma also has the capability of immersing the user in FullDive due to the device being based on the NerveGear,[3] however, this function is suppressed by default,[3][4] requiring someone with knowledge of the feature to unlock it in order for it to be usable.[3]

Description[edit | edit source]

The Augma is a white-framed, headset-like device,[5] fitted around one of the user's ears. The device also has two arms: one is equipped with a projection lens at its tip and extends to the user's eye, allowing it project images to the user's eyes; the other extends to the back of the users head and is equipped with a matrix panel that allows the Augma to establish a link with the user's brain.[5] The device's capability of using both retinal projections and sending signals directly to the brain is considered to be one of its greatest features;[5] however, unlike proper FullDive devices, the Augma is only capable of transmitting visual, auditory, and limited tactile information to the brain, instead of supporting all five senses like its predecessors.[1] Additionally, while the Augma does have the capability of immersing the user into FullDive, this feature is disabled by default.[3][4] Compared to the AmuSphere, the Augma has better Central Processing Unit (CPU) efficiency, as well as a bigger storage and battery capacity.[1]

Background and Development[edit | edit source]

The Augma was developed by Professor Shigemura based on Kayaba Akihiko's FullDive technology created for the NerveGear.[4][3] Its development began in December 2024,[6] a year after the Professor's daughter, Shigemura Yuuna, died in Sword Art Online on October 18, 2023.[7] The device was created by the Professor with the intention of scanning the Sword Art Online survivors' memories of the death game, stimulating these memories through boss battles in Ordinal Scale to focus the scan specifically on them.[3] The Professor intended to use the data acquired from the scans to recreate Yuuna as an Artificial Intelligence based on the survivors' recollections of her in the game.[3]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Augma's initial announcement was met with considerable scepticism from both the industry and the users due to Kamura being a newcomer to the manufacturing industry. However, such concerns were quickly eliminated when Ordinal Scale was released for the device. In fact, the immense popularity of the game at its launch soon induced a shortage of Augmas at stores, despite the device having been produced in large quantities.[1]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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