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Ayano Keiko (綾野珪子, Ayano Keiko?), known as Silica (シリカ, Shirika?) in «Sword Art Online» (SAO), «ALfheim Online» (ALO), and «Project Alicization», is a supporting character in the Aincrad Arc, one of the main characters of the Girls Ops spinoff, along with Kirigaya Suguha (Leafa) and Shinozaki Rika (Lisbeth), and a reoccurring character throughout the Sword Art Online series. Silica is one of the 10,000 players who were trapped in Sword Art Online, where she was a dagger-wielding Beast Tamer. She currently plays ALfheim Online as a Cait Sith.


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Real World / Sword Art Online[]

Silica's SAO Avatar Full Body.png

In both the real world and Sword Art Online, Keiko's hair is light brown and tied into two tails by red ribbons, as well as two red ring baubles for her SAO avatar. Like her hair, Keiko's eyes in the real world are light brown; however, her SAO avatar had red eyes. Before meeting Kirito, she wore a yellow robe with a dagger and pouch strapped to her waist at the back, a silver breastplate and pauldrons, brown leather gloves with metal bands, black shorts, and yellow boots. Afterwards, she wore a red robe of a similar design that exposed part of her shoulders, a short black skirt, fingerless red gloves, and black, asymmetrical shoes with long black socks.[5]

ALfheim Online[]

Silica PB Character Design.png

Keiko's ALfheim avatar is very similar to her SAO avatar, except for having an overall blue color, as well as possessing the cat ears and tail of the Cait Sith race.[6]

Project Alicization[]

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Silica is very kind, bright, cheerful, and supportive of her friends.[citation needed] She also has developed a deep attachment to her Tamed Monster Pina to the point that she was heartbroken to see it die and overjoyed when told that there was a way to revive it.

At some point, Silica had become arrogant due to her fame, but realised her mistake after this led to her getting lost in the Forest of Wandering and losing Pina.

Silica is also easily embarrassed and flustered, especially when it comes to a romance scenario, such as grabbing Kirito's hand, spotting many couples around her, or having her skirt flipped by a monster.


Despite Sword Art Online being the first Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online (VRMMO) game Silica had ever played, she became the first player to tame a Feathered Little Dragon, which she named Pina, after her cat in the real world. She was introduced as a character whose parties treated her as a mascot, and who was immensely popular on the middle floors due to her pet and her status as one of the rare Beast Tamers. She is in the youngest age group of SAO players that are still active.[citation needed]


Aincrad Arc[]

The Black Swordsman[]

On February 23, 2024, Silica was hunting in the Forest of Wandering with a party she had encountered two weeks prior. As they were returning to town around sunset, she got into a dispute with Rosalia over the distribution of healing items after the latter claimed the former having a Tamed Monster that could heal her exempted her from the allocation. Ignoring the party leader's attempts to defuse the argument, Silica left the party in anger and began traveling the Forest of Wandering alone, fully expecting her skills and Pina's support to be sufficient for her journey. However, she quickly lost her way due to the dungeon's unique design, forcing her into multiple battles and exhausting her healing supplies. Well after nightfall, she fell into an assault from multiple «Drunk Apes», becoming discouraged at the extent of her opponents' healing abilities. Fatigued from her constant fights, she made a miscalculated strike, opening herself to a counterattack that reduced her hit points to critical levels, thus causing her to freeze with fear. But as the Drunk Ape that had struck her launched a final attack, the blow was intercepted by Pina at the cost of its life, leaving only a tail feather behind.

In a state of rage, Silica defeated the ape that had killed her partner and was about to engage the other two apes in a suicidal attack when the remaining apes were suddenly defeated by Kirito. Her anger fading, Silica became overwhelmed with grief, before being reminded by Kirito of the feather Pina had left behind, learning of the existence of an item that could be used to resurrect a dead Tamed Monster. Although the item was located in a dungeon on the 47th Floor outside her level range, she resolved to visit it one day when she had become stronger. However, her resolution was broken when she discovered that she only had three days before the time limit for reviving a Tamed Monster expired. As Kirito offered to help her obtain the item, Silica asked for the reason why he was so kind to her, discovering that she resembled his sister, which Silica found hilarious. After she formally introduced herself, they left the Forest of Wandering.

Upon returning to town, Silica led Kirito to an inn to stay the night. Right outside the building, they encountered Silica's former party, including Rosalia, who taunted the Dragon Master for the loss of her familiar, prompting Silica to announce her plans of reviving Pina. Ignoring the spearwoman's further jibes, Silica and Kirito entered the Weathercock Pavilion and ordered their meals. While waiting, Silica voiced her confusion over Rosalia's attitude, prompting Kirito to explain Color Cursors, Player Killing, and roleplaying in massively multiplayer online games to her. After finishing dinner past 20:00, Silica and Kirito retired to their rooms, where the former found herself unable to sleep. Wanting to talk with Kirito some more, she visited his room at around 22:00 and requested to discuss the 47th Floor in private. However, their conversation was overheard by an eavesdropper, who fled before they could catch him. Despite her unease, Silica was soothed into sleep as she watched Kirito write a message to someone.

The next morning on February 24, Silica and Kirito teleported to Floria to begin their journey to the Hill of Memories. Despite encountering numerous high-level monsters along the way, the two managed to reach the dungeon. Although they successfully retrieved the Pneuma Flower there, Silica and Kirito were ambushed by Rosalia and the other members of the «Titan's Hand» orange guild on their return trip. To her surprise, however, the orange players were effortlessly handled by Kirito and forced to teleport to the prison at the Black Iron Palace. After the pair returned to the Weathercock Pavilion, the two promised to meet each other again in the real world as they revived Pina.

The Fourteenth Autumn[]

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On October 4, 2024, Silica invited Kirito to a meal at the Weathercock Pavilion in Mishe to celebrate the defeat of the 73rd Floor Boss. To her surprise, the boy unexpectedly mentioned a riddle she had given him the previous month, regarding the origin of her in-game name, as they reminisced about their first meeting.

The Final Promise[]

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At 14:55 on November 7, 2024, Silica was relaxing in Floria with Pina when she was startled by a system announcement that declared all NPCs would be dismissed, while all players would be logged out due to the game having been cleared.

Fairy Dance Arc[]

After the ALfheim Online incident, Keiko began attending a school established for SAO survivors who were still students. Having heard that Yuuki Asuna (Asuna) had been involved in the incident and rescued, Keiko made a pact with Shinozaki Rika (Lisbeth) that they would give her and Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito) one month together without interfering before they made their individual moves on him. However, they quickly regretted their decision upon seeing the couple having a romantic moment during lunch on May 16, 2025. After school, Keiko and the other SAO survivors gathered early at the Dicey Cafe for the Aincrad Conquest Celebration Party, so as to give Asuna and Kazuto a special welcome. At 23:00 that evening, Keiko logged into ALO for the afterparty at Yggdrasil City, flying with the others towards the newly released New Aincrad when it appeared in the game just after midnight.

Extra Edition[]

On July 25, 2025, Keiko joined Asuna and Rika in teaching Suguha how to swim, and talked about her first meeting with Kirito. Later that day, she joined the party for the «Deep Sea Plunderers» quest.

Rainbow Bridge[]

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Phantom Bullet Arc[]

On December 14, 2025, Silica and the rest of the group gathered together in Kirito and Asuna's rented room in Yggdrasil City in ALO to watch the Bullet of Bullets tournament and support Kirito. As they watched the stream and speculated on Kirito's reasons for converting to Gun Gale Online and heretofore lack of appearances on camera, an ominously cloaked player paralyzed and apparently disconnected another competitor. When a shocked Klein identified the mantled player as a member of Laughing Coffin, Silica quickly explained to Leafa, who was the only one among them with no knowledge of the guild, the bloody atrocities the guild had committed and their eventual defeat at the hands of the Clearers.


On December 28, 2025, Silica, along with Asuna, Klein, Leafa, Lisbeth, and Sinon joined Kirito's attempt to retrieve Excalibur.

A Spot of Sunshine in the Winter[]

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Mother's Rosario[]

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Alicization Arc[]

Alicization Exploding[]

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Alicization Awakening[]

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Alicization Lasting[]

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Sword Art Online[]

Stat Value Time
Level 44[1]
February 23, 2024
February 24, 2024
End of game
Hit Points (HP) 9342[5] February 23, 2024

Known Equipment[]

Sword Art Online[]

Name Type Acquisition Notes
«Ebon Dagger» Dagger Received from Kirito on February 23, 2024[5]
«Silverthread Armor» Armour Received from Kirito on February 23, 2024[5]
«Moon Blazer» Gloves Received from Kirito on February 23, 2024[5]
«Fairy Boots» Boots Received from Kirito on February 23, 2024[5]
«Florit Belt» Belt Received from Kirito on February 23, 2024[5]
«Shadow Dagger»[8] Dagger


Sword Art Online[]

One Handed Dagger Light Metal Equipment Familiar Recovery Familiar Communication Acrobatics
710 / 1000
644 / 1000
681 / 1000
597 / 1000
623 / 1000
Musical Instrument Sewing Cooking
749 / 1000
606 / 1000
560 / 1000


See:Ayano Keiko/Image Gallery


  • With her avatar in SAO, she reminded Kirito of his sister, Kirigaya Suguha, despite looking very different.[9]
  • As a Cait Sith, when Kirito grabbed her tail, she described the sensation as a "super weird feeling".[10]
  • In the Blu-ray/DVD package volume 2, character song CD features Silica (Hidaka Rina) singing "☆Lovely Super Idol☆" as the 3rd Character Song in this series. This CD is bundled along with the 2nd Song, which is sung by Sachi (Saori Hayami)
  • Even though «Sword Art Online» is advisable for gamers above age 13, because of the age restrictions associated with the NerveGear,[11] Silica started playing the game when she was 12 years old.[1]
  • Keiko's family follows a tradition when naming their children. Since Keiko's grandfather was a chemist, he named his son Tetsuhiko after iron (, Tetsu?) due to Tetsuhiko being born on February 6 (2/6) and the 26th element in the periodic table being iron. Tetsuhiko continued this tradition and named his daughter Keiko after the 14th element, silicon (珪素, Keiso?), as Keiko was born on the 4th of October, but Tetsuhiko could not make a girl's name after the 104th element, Rutherfordium, thus resorting to merging ten and four to get fourteen.[2]
  • Keiko's display name, Silica, means Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). She chose this name for her character due to her real name being based on silicon. The reason why she chose "Silica" instead of "Silico" was because "Silica" sounded cuter. She even ties her hair with two red ribbons to have two ring baubles which symbolize two oxygen atoms bound to her.[2]
  • In a 4-koma non-canon spin-off, she had been stalked by Aaaa.
  • Keiko's Japanese voice actress also voices Kozuki Yuniko (Scarlet Rain) from Accel World.



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