Silica with Pina

A Beast Tamer and her Tamed Monster.

Beast Tamer (ビーストテイマー, Bīsuto Teimā?) was a colloquial term used by players to refer to those players who had managed to tame a beast in-game, though this was not regarded as a class system-wise. Although not regarded as a class, there are skills in-game that help the player with their Tamed Monster, for example, «Familiar Communication» or «Familiar Recovery».

Beast TamersEdit

Sword Art Online (SAO)Edit

On rare occasions, a hostile monster would show an interest in players. In this case, the player would be able to tame the monster by offering it something to eat. If it enjoyed the food it was given, it would then become the player's Tamed Monster, an ally that could assist the player in the future. Although Tamed Monsters have low stats, they do have special abilities, such as detecting monsters or healing its master, thus making hunting easier for the Beast Tamer.[1] A Beast Tamer must feed their pet on a regular basis, as Tamed Monsters generally do not show an interest even in food they like unless they are being fed by their masters. If a Tamed Monster is not fed enough, its hidden affinity value will fall and, after some time, the monster will lose its "tamed" status and, in a worst case scenario, might even attack their ex-masters.[2] Only a limited variety of small-animal type monsters could be tamed and the players had to approach hostile monsters repeatedly without killing too many of them to have a chance of taming them, thus Beast Tamers were seen with a mix of praise and envy by other players.[1]

ALfheim Online (ALO)Edit

Cait Siths are the fairy race that specializes in taming monsters. Like the Beast Tamers in Sword Art Online, Cait Sith tame monsters by feeding them, though some monsters, especially Evil Gods, cannot be tamed. Due to their taming skill, Cait Siths can even provide other races with their tamed riding animals. Cait Siths also have a secret army of dragoons at their disposal.

Known Beast TamersEdit


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