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The Black Lily Sword (黒百合(くろゆり)の剣, Kuroyuri no Ken?) was a Divine Object-class sword used by the Integrity Knight Scheta Synthesis Twelve. The sword shattered during the War of Underworld, when Scheta fought against American players with the Dark Territory Army.[1]


The Black Lily Sword was a pitch black sword one cen (centimetre) in width. The sword was as thin as paper, making it hard to see it under the night sky.[2]


While researching the Sacred Energy Theory, Quinella became obsessed with the last and largest war in the Dark Territory that put the «Age of Blood and Iron» to an end. Feeling that it would be a waste to not collect the Sacred Energy released during such a battle, Quinella appointed Scheta to travel to the Dark Territory to find anything on the battlefield engrossed with the energy, promising to fashion it into a Divine Object that could cut anything in half. Having reached the battlefield, Scheta discovered that there was not a single living thing remaining there, but, after persistently searching for three days, she finally found a lone black lily. Scheta returned with the flower to Quinella, who turned it into the Black Lily Sword.[2]


Despite looking fragile, the Black Lily Sword was capable of easily slicing the hardest of objects in half.[2]



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