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The «Blue Rose Sword» (青薔薇(あおばら)の剣, Ao-bara no Ken?) is a Priority Class 45[1] «Divine Object» class longsword found in the Mountain Range at the Edge in Underworld that eventually became Eugeo's personal sword. Its appearance is pure white, in contrast with Kirito's «Night Sky Sword», and is inscribed with a blue rose at the center of its guard. During Eugeo's battle against Quinella, the sword was snapped in half. The sword remained in this broken state until the final stages of the War of Underworld, when it was restored to its original condition upon Kirito invoking the blade's Release Recollection ability with the help of Eugeo's Fluctlight fragments lingering within the sword during his battle against PoH.


The sword was created from an eternal block of ice from the «Mountain Range at the Edge», which contained a single blue rose that had been frozen within it before it could wilt.[2]

According to Eugeo's vision of the sword's origin, an eternal mass of ice had once existed at the top of the tallest mountain in the northern mountain range, where the ice never thawed throughout the year. The ice spent tens of years in isolation until a single seed landed nearby. The ice began to melt itself little by little, each day, until the seed became a blue rose. From then on, the ice and the rose talked to each other as friends. However, eventually, the Blue Rose asked to be frozen by the ice, as it could not endure the cold for much longer. And so the eternal mass of ice granted the wish, creating a sword with the rose sealed within.[2]

At some point, the sword found its way into the White Dragon's cave, where it was guarded by the northern protector of the Human Empire. According to fairy tales, Bercouli, the founder of Rulid Village, had once unsuccessfully attempted to steal the sword from the white dragon but was spared by the dragon upon being caught and leaving the sword in the dragon's nest.[1] However, after Bercouli became an Integrity Knight, Quinella ordered him to kill the dragon because she could not control it.[3] Following the death of the dragon, Bercouli left the sword in its nest.


As a priority class 45 weapon, the Blue Rose Sword has exceptional strength and cutting power, seen when it was able to cut the demonic tree Gigas Cedar.[4] It is has also shown to be highly durable as it was able to withstand Deusolbert Synthesis Seven's fiery punch despite the obvious advantage fire had over the ice-powered sword. Like Kirito's Night Sky Sword, the Blue Rose Sword also has the ability to respond to Eugeo's will, shown during the fight with Deusolbert, where the sword answered Eugeo's cry not to lose, and stopped the Integrity Knight's attack and extinguished his flames.[5] Its high priority class also allowed it to use Sword Skills of up to four consecutive hits, when wielded by a competent swordsman.[6]

Armament Full Control Art[]

With the «Armament Full Control» art in effect, the sword is capable of covering a large area in ice when sunk in the ground. Everyone within the area is then entangled in fast growing pinky-thick thorny ice tendrils, which quickly freeze their targets in blocks of ice. If the wielder then shouts the command "Bloom Blue Rose" an infinite number of large profound blue roses grow and leech the «Life» of the victims encased within the ice and turns it into Sacred Power, which is released into the area for use.[7]

According to Eugeo, these abilities are not meant to kill, but rather to trap one's opponent.[7] The degree of power of these abilities also varies depending on which armament state the user has initiated. In the first, «enhancing», stage the sword can cover an area of ten meters in frost,[2] where the ice tendrils then ensnare and freeze opponents, and can produce ice roses that drain «Life» at a gradual rate.[7] Upon entering its second, «releasing», stage, the swords sends out a rapidly expanding bluish white circle, which instantaneously freezes the surrounding area. In this state, both the freezing and «Life» drain abilities are greatly amplified, to the point where boiling hot water can easily be frozen solid, and the roses produced are actual blue roses, as opposed to the first stage's ice ones, which sap «Life» at a greater rate. However, maintaining these abilities requires great mental focus from the sword's user and, as with all «Armament Full Control» arts, it uses some of the sword's «Life».[2]


Alicization Arc[]

Alicization Beginning[]

Eugeo, Kirito, and Alice finding the Blue Rose Sword.

In 372 HEC, the sword was discovered by a trio of children: Eugeo, Kirito, and Alice Zuberg, from the village closest to the Northern Cave. As it proved to be difficult to lift due to its high Priority class, the sword was left inside the cave by the children. There it remained untouched for the following four years, until Eugeo returned to the cave in 376 HEC to retrieve the sword. As it was still impossible to move the Blue Rose Sword far due to the boy's insufficient Object Control Authority, the blade was transported out of the cave over the course of three months. During each of the boy's rest days, it would be moved by several kilometres closer to the village by the boy, before being hidden from sight in the forest at the end of the day. After several such excursions, the boy succeeded in bringing the sword to his village, where he stored it inside a storage hut near the Gigas Cedar.

Four more years later, in 380 HEC, the sword was shown by the boy to Kirito, who unsuccessfully attempted to use the sword to fell the Gigas Cedar. After the fight with the goblins at the Mountain Range at the Edge, both Eugeo's and Kirito's Object Control Authority had risen to an extent that allowed them to wield the sword properly and use Sword Skills with it. While practicing Sword Skills with the sword on the Gigas Cedar, the two boys managed to fell the giant tree in a span of several days. After this event, the Blue Rose Sword became Eugeo's personal weapon, which he occasionally lent to Kirito when needed.

Alicization Running[]

After Eugeo and Kirito are accepted into the Sword Mastery Academy, Eugeo keeps this sword in the drawer underneath the novice trainee dorm bed, as the Academy rules only allow Academy issued wooden swords for group competitions and practical exams.

Near the end of the first year in the academy, Kirito wants to borrow the sword to be able to show his 4-hit Sword Skills to Sortiliena Serlut, but Eugeo reminds him that his own sword from the Gigas Cedar branch should have been completed by then. After this, Kirito no longer needs to borrow Eugeo's sword, as his own sword's Priority class rivals the Blue Rose Sword.

Alicization Turning[]

As before, Eugeo is unable to use the sword for group practices and practical exams due to the Academy rules, therefore, the sword is only drawn during its weekly maintenance. However, one day, when Tiese and Ronye are late to come clean their seniors' rooms and Eugeo finds out that Raios Antinous and Humbert Zizek plan to exercise their right as upper-class nobles to punish the girls by raping them, Eugeo uses the sword to stop the upper-class nobles and unintentionally cuts off Humbert's arm.

When they're taken by Alice to the Central Cathedral, Tiese brings the sword to Alice and it's taken with Eugeo to the Cathedral, where the sword is stored in the Cathedral's equipment vault on the 3rd floor.

Alicization Rising[]

After Cardinal helped Kirito and Eugeo escape the Integrity Knights, she taught them how to use the «Armament Full Control» art for their respective swords. Later, while Kirito was struggling with Fanatio Synthesis Two on the 50th floor of the Central Cathedral, Eugeo used the «Armament Full Control» to trap four integrity knights and Fanatio Synthesis Two.

When Eugeo and Kirito reached the 80th floor, they met Alice Synthesis Thirty and engaged in battle. While Kirito was distracting Alice, Eugeo once again used his «Armament Full Control» art in order to trap Alice to gain some time to use his dagger, however she broke free out of the ice within seconds with the use of her Fragrant Olive Sword.

Alicization Dividing[]

Eugeo used the sword in his battle against the Integrity Knight Commander, Bercouli Synthesis One. Eugeo attempted to surprise the Knight Commander with «Sonic Leap», but Bercouli repelled him with the «Armament Full Control» art of his Time Piercing Sword. The Knight Commander then let Eugeo complete the first stage of his «Armament Full Control» art, and, once the ritual was ready, Eugeo charged Bercouli with the sword, which Bercouli seemingly shattered. However this was revealed to be Eugeo's plan, as what was destroyed was an icicle, which offered no resistance, allowing Eugeo to keep his momentum and use the skill «Meteor Break», to knock Bercouli into a nearby bath, where Eugeo had thrown the Blue Rose Sword. Upon retrieving it, Eugeo activated the Blue Rose Sword's second, recollection, phase of his «Armament Full Control» art for the first time, freezing them both, and having their Life drained rapidly, causing the the battle to end in a draw.

Soon after, Chief Elder Chudelkin arrived and took Eugeo to Quinella, but left the sword behind. When Kirito and Alice eventually re-entered the cathedral, Kirito recovered the sword and the duo proceeded up to the 99th floor, where they were confronted by Eugeo, who was now an Integrity Knight. Using the «Incarnation Arm», Eugeo recovered his weapon and engaged Kirito in a duel, with both activating «Sonic Leap».

Alicization Uniting[]

After their duel ended, Eugeo, now freed from Administrator's control, used the Blue Rose Sword's second, releasing phase to freeze Kirito and Alice up to their necks so that he could face Administrator alone. During the confrontation with Administrator, she learned that the Blue Rose Sword was not made of metal and thus could bypass her barrier that protected against metallic weapons. Afterwards, with Administrator having defeated Eugeo, Kirito, and Alice, and left Cardinal near death, Eugeo asked Cardinal to merge himself with the Blue Rose Sword in order to stop Administrator. Cardinal complied, and Eugeo was successfully merged with his sword, becoming a much larger version of the weapon. In this form, Eugeo charged the «Sword Golem», and, after a brief struggle, managed to destroy the golem. He then continued his assault by clashing with Quinella and her «Silver Eternity», but she managed to break the sword-fused Eugeo in half, albeit at the cost of both her weapon and right arm. With the fusion undone, the Blue Rose Sword was left broken in two, while Eugeo was bifurcated.

When Kirito resigned himself to defeat after being overpowered by Quinella, Eugeo encouraged Kirito not to give up, and used Incarnation to repair the Blue Rose Sword with his own blood. With its blade reforged and now dyed a deep red, the newly christened «Red Rose Sword» was given to Kirito, who dual wielded it alongside his Night Sky Sword to defeat Quinella. The sword then returned to its broken state and blue and white coloration.


  • In Underworld, roses are miraculous flowers that bear fruit with the most «Sacred Energy» and thus not allowed to be planted by anyone, including civilians, nobles and even emperors.[8]
  • The Blue Rose Sword is thus far the only known Divine Object that was created from two existences and by way of natural causes.
  • The Object ID of the sword is WLSS703.[9][† 1][† 2] This ID can be used for certain Sacred Arts rituals, for example, an item locating ritual.
    • In the web novel, the sword's Object ID was DI:WSM:0131.



  1. The first four characters of the Object ID, according to Kirito's speculation, mean "Double-Edged, Long Sword, Single-hand", while 703 represents the order this sword was created in.
  2. In Yen Press's translation, the "W" in the ID is changed to a "D". Official translations to other languages maintain the "W".



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