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The Bullbous Bow (ブルバス・バウ, Burubasu Bau?) is a Field Boss of the 2nd Floor, blocking the way to the final village closest to the Labyrinth, in Sword Art Online.


The Bullbous Bow is a gigantic, four-meter-tall cattle monster with four horns close to the ground, sturdy forelegs and black brown skin.

Attack PatternsEdit

The boss has a simple attack pattern of rush, turn, rush repeatedly. The rush attack is reminiscent of a battleship's heavy ramming when it lunges forward and, if not properly defended against, the rush attack can send the bull's victims flying, with considerable mental impact.

Boss BattleEdit

Pre-Battle PreparationEdit

A scouting raid was performed prior to the actual boss fight. As a Field Boss does not require a large raiding group to be defeated and can even be defeated by a single party, with appropriate levels to handle the boss, only fifteen people were assembled for the boss fight. Two parties of six people each were formed, with one party, dressed in royal blue-colored cloth equipment, being led by Lind and the other party, dressed in moss green-colored cloth equipment by Kibaou. The three remaining players from Legend Braves remained in the back lines as a reserve party.


The basic strategy for defeating the boss is to have tank members aggro the boss and block its rushing attack, while the attacking members deal damage from the boss's side and front while it is occupied. However, as Lind's and Kibaou's parties were fighting over the boss for its rewards, the two main parties barely cooperated with each other.


  • The name of the creature is probably the portmanteau of "bull" (intact male cattle) and "bulbous bow" (the protruding bulb at the front of many large ships that is used to reduce drag).
  • In the light novel, the Last Attack bonus of the boss is obtained by Lind, while in the manga adaption, Kirito was the one who got it.
  • Kirito refers to the monster as Kuroge Wagyu, probably thinking about its beef.


  1. Only in the manga

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