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Not to be confused with Bullet Line
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A Bullet Circle.

The «Bullet Circle» (着弾予測円(バレットサークル), Baretto Sākuru?, lit. Bullet Hit Prediction Circle), is a half transparent shining circle of green light in Gun Gale Online (GGO).[1] It only appears in the player's vision and shows the said player the area that their next bullet is likely to hit, i.e. the player's accuracy for the next hit.[1]

Activation and Use[]

The Bullet Circle appears whenever the player slightly squeezes the trigger.[1] Although the Bullet Circle appears to all players, it is not as important in close range, especially when using a full-auto sub-machine gun, assault rifle or a Minigun, as it is still possible to hit the target at close to medium range even if the Bullet Circle pulses chaotically.[1] However, the Bullet Circle is extremely important to snipers, as the Bullet Circle is several times that of the target at the range of 1,500 meters or more and snipers have a very limited amount of ammo, as well as the sniper's first shot revealing his or her position to the target.[1]

Circle Size[]

The circle's size is determined by various parameters, including the distance to the target, the gun's performance, weather, light level, skills, stats and the player's heartbeat.[1] The player's heartbeat is one of the most important parameters in determining the size of the Bullet Circle and the data for this parameter is based on the player's real heartbeat rate, which is monitored by the AmuSphere and is sent to the game's server.[1] Due to this parameter, the diameter of the Bullet Circle wavers in cycles: it is at its largest just after a beat and the smallest just before the next beat. For a sniper to have the accuracy, the sniper must shoot in between the valley between each heartbeat.[1] However, due to the length of the cycle being only 1 second at best (in a calm state), it is almost impossible for a regular player to stop the tension in their hearts and to time their shot just at the right moment, which is why snipers in GGO are rather unpopular.[1]


  • A player's AGI stat affects how fast the Bullet Circle appears and stabilises[2][3], while a player's DEX stat decreases the size of the Bullet Circle, thus improving the player's accuracy.[4]