Not to be confused with Bullet Circle.
Bullet Line

The «Bullet Line» (弾道予測線(バレット・ライン), Baretto Rain?, lit. Trajectory Prediction Line) is a defensive system assist in Gun Gale Online that allows the player's targets to see the trajectory of the bullets that are being aimed at them. According to Sinon, this is the game's nonsense way of making things interesting, as it allows a player with high agility (AGI) and enough courage to evade more than 50% of an assault rifle's continuously fired bullets from a 50 meter range.[1]


A Bullet Line takes the form of a thin, light-red, half-translucent light in the target's viewpoint.[1]


Like the Bullet Circle, the Bullet Lines appear once the shooter puts pressure on the trigger with their finger.[2] The lines are shown not only to the person who is being targeted, but also to people in the target's surroundings.[2] However, the Bullet Lines are only shown if the target has spotted the shooter.[2] This feature is especially advantageous to a sniper.[1] The target's identification information is reset after sixty seconds, thus if the shooter is not spotted during this time, they may fire without the Bullet Line being shown again.[3]

Additionally, not all of the Bullet Lines for a full-auto type weapon appear at the same time. There is a slight time difference between them that shows the order in which the bullets will come out of the rifle barrel. This is how Kirito was able to block the bullets of a full-auto gun with his sword.[4]


  • It takes several milliseconds for a Bullet Line to be shown. Thus, if the shooter squeezes the trigger as soon as they touch it, the Bullet Line for their shot will not be displayed. However, the Bullet Circle will also not be shown in this case either, thus the player cannot benefit from the targeting assistance system if they use this trick.[2]



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