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Bullet of Bullets (銃弾の中の銃弾(バレット・オブ・バレッツ), Baretto Obu Barettsu?) is the largest recurring Player versus Player (PvP) tournament that takes place in Gun Gale Online. There are two separate tournaments: one held on the American and one held on the Japanese servers. The A live broadcast of the tournament is streamed by the network TV: «MMO Stream»,[1] and can be viewed either via television or computer in real life, or via in-game streams in most VR worlds.[2]

The first Bullet of Bullets was held in August, 2025[citation needed]. The second Bullet of Bullets was held in October, 2025.[3] The preliminaries for the third Bullet of Bullets were held on December 13, 2025[4], while the main tournament was held on December 14, 2025.[4]The fourth Bullet of Bullets tournament took place in June, 2026.[5]

Competition Rules


The preliminaries involve a tournament divided into sub-divisions in which a single loss will mean disqualification. These subdivisions are elimination style brackets which consist of single 1 vs 1 duels where the winner advances until there are only two people left in the bracket. These two remaining people then fight although both advance to the final round. 30 people in total move on from the preliminaries to the final round.

Battle Royale

A total of thirty participants battle each other in a free-for-all battle royale, each player being separated from all other players by at least a thousand meters. The stage of the third Bullet of Bullets tournament is an isolated island, called ISL Ragnarok, with a diameter of ten kilometers, with varying areas of terrain and a ruined city in the center. To ensure that players are actually able to meet their opponents in such a large area, each player is given a «Satellite Scan Terminal», which connects to a satellite flying over the battlefield. The satellite scans the positions of each player every fifteen minutes and displays the location of all detected players on each player's terminal for a few moments, however, players that are submerged, hiding in a cave or using an optical camouflage at the time of the scan are not detected by the scan, though they do not get the location of other players via the scan either.

Although it is a free for all, multiple players can win the tournament by killing and being killed by a plasma grenade. It has happened two times, the first was in the first BoB in the American server and the second in the third with Sinon and Kirito.


The rewards are given to the 30 players that manage to get into the final. The prizes can be given as in-game items or real world model weapons.

The in-game prizes can be dyes, currency, or fancy armor. The model weapons depend on the place reached; last places get hand guns and higher places may even get sniper rifles.

Japanese Bullet of Bullet Participants

1st Bullet of Bullets

Rank Name
1 Subtilizer

2nd Bullet of Bullets

Rank Name
1 XeXeeD
2 Yamikaze
5 or 6[6] Usujio Tarako
18[7] Dyne
22[8] Sinon
Ritchey the Lion King[9]

3rd Bullet of Bullets

Rank Name
1-2 Kirito
1-2 Sinon
3 Sterben
4 Yamikaze
5-6[10] No-No[6]
5-6[10] Fernil
7[11] kaeeeede[12]
8[11] Blackwood[12]
9[11] Colonel Liberty[12]
10[11] E.J.[12]
11[11] Ritchey the Lion King[9]
12[11] Licoco[6]
13[11] huuka[6]
14[11] Masaya[6]
15[11] Musketeer X
16[11] DA*LU[12]
23[11] Shishigane[9]
24[11] XYZ[12]
25[11] Kakameposu the II[12]
26[11] Keith[12]
27[11] Pancho[12]
28[11] Raiden[12]
Jack Reacher[12]
Disconnected Pale Rider
Disconnected Garrett[13]

4th Bullet of Bullets

Rank Name
1[14] Subtilizer[14]
2[14] Sinon[14]
3[15] Yamikaze[15]
4[15] Musketeer X[15]
5[15] Itsuki[15]
6[15] Kakouton[15]
7[15] Ritchey the Lion King[15]
8[15] Dyne[15]
9[15] Stinger[15]
10[15] Kureha[15]


  • Bullet of Bullets is an idiom for The best bullet (最も優れた銃弾, Mottomo sugureta jūdan?).[16] The name is a reference to a Namco game released for the NES, «King of Kings».[17]



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