Butterfly Shield refers to an unknown element spell in ALfheim Online.


Once the incantation is completed, a swarm of countless blue butterflies rise from the caster's raised appendage and cover the target of the spell, creating a shield barrier.[1] This shield cancels out any damage that would be dealt to the target for as long as the caster pleases or until the caster's mana points (MP) runs out. Each attack drains the caster's MP by a large amount. The caster also feels the feedback caused by any attacks that hit the shield.[2]


Single target version:
Þú[3] sér[4] lind[4] ásynja[5], burt[4] eimi[4] og[6] sverð.[7]

Multi-target version:
Þeír[4] sér[4] lind[4] ásynja[5], burt[4] eimi[4] og[6] sverð.[7]

Single target version:

Multi-target version:

Single target version:
Sū sharu rindo ashīnya, bāto eimi ōgu suverudo[10]

Multi-target version:
Seā sharu rindo ashīnya, bāto eimi ōgu suverudo[10]

Single target version:
Wrap him in a shield of goddesses, and keep away flames and irons.[11][† 1]

Multi-target version:
Wrap them in a shield of goddesses, and keep away flames and irons.[12][† 1]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 3, Chapter 4 Episode 19 Fairy Dance Manga Stage.005 Leafa used the single-target version of the spell to block the fireball magic attack of a Salamander party that they encountered near the gates to Legrue while Kirito used the time to be able to cast his own spell.
N/A SII Episode 18 N/A Asuna used the multi-target version of the spell during the raid of the Floor Boss of the 21st Floor of New Aincrad.


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