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A list of larger articles that need improvement or articles that people are working on. If someone is working on an article, please do not do any major (grammar and typo corrections are not major) edits to such articles until the person finishes improving the page. If you would like to help work on any of these articles more than just correcting minor errors, please contact the person who adopted the article.

This category also lists articles that have not yet been adopted. Feel free to adopt any of such articles to improve them.

To add a page that is not considered as a stub as incomplete, please write {{Under Construction}} at the top of the page if the whole page needs revamping or {{Under Construction}} with |Scope = Section as one of its parameters at the top of a section that needs improving. To mark the page as adopted, add |Page Adopted = <your username> to the template parameters (in source).

Articles that are less than about 2,000 bytes in size and in need of improvement but not yet claimed should use the {{stub}} template instead.

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