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The Central Cathedral (セントラル・カセドラル, Sentoraru kasedoraru?), officially known as the Axiom Church Central Cathedral (公理教会セントラル・カセドラル, Kōri Kyōkai Sentoraru Kasedoraru?), is the gigantic white tower at the center of the Human Empire where the Administrator of the «Human Empire» resides.


The Central Cathedral is a huge, 100-storey square white tower, with mirror-like marble walls, that towers at the center of the Human Empire, within a vast square plot on a hill at the center of Centoria. Despite the fact that it can be seen from everywhere in the Human Empire, no one can see its top because the upper portion of the cathedral is always covered by clouds. The cathedral's square grounds are surrounded by tall walls, preventing anyone from entering the cathedral. The «Immortal Walls» that extend from Centoria to the «Mountain Range at the Edge» 750 kilometers away from Centoria extend out from the 4 corners of the cathedral's white walls. The main gates to the cathedral's grounds are located to the east, likely because that is the direction that Solus (the Sun in Underworld) rises from. A wide road extends from the gate to the actual Church.

The material used in building the cathedral is marble of the highest grade, like the immortal walls that divided Central Centoria as a cross. The walls of the cathedral have the ability to repair themselves if they are ever pierced. The outside of the top of the cathedral has several small terraces that house statues of gargoyles that can come to life and attack any intruders attempting to climb the cathedral.


As Quinella successfully performed more and more miracles, people were persuaded that she was an emissary sent by the gods themselves. Thus, when she reached thirteen years of age, she began to satisfy her endless desire for domination. She persuaded the people to begin construction of the cathedral under the ruse of being a place to worship the gods to bring about even more miracles. A white marble tower was immediately erected at the middle of the village of Centoria, though it was initially only 3 stories high. However, as Quinella gained more and more power and progress was made in architecture techniques, the tower grew in size over the years, until it reached a hundred floors.

After Quinella failed in her attempt to acquire a new body for her soul and accidentally allowed Cardinal to assume a body of her own, Quinella began turning the test subjects she had used for experimenting the manipulation of Fluctlights into absolutely loyal followers with altered memories who were named Integrity Knights. As Quinella had to limit her memory usage to survive, she delegated all of her tasks to the priests of the Axiom Church and the Integrity Knights while she herself decided to spend most of her day in bed to limit new memory input to the minimum, only going out of her room at scheduled times to check up on the management of the world and to participate in the annual religious events. Since then, the cathedral and the Axiom Church was mostly regulated by the highest priests of the church.

Not even the highest-ranked nobles are allowed to enter the Central Cathedral's ground. Only Integrity Knights and priests of the Axiom Church are allowed to do so.


The layout and the floors of the Central Cathedral.

Floor English Name Japanese Name Description Ref
-1 Underground Prison 地下牢
The jail is constructed with eight passages extending out like the spokes of a wheel and each passage housed four cells on both of its sides and each cell being capable of holding two prisoners, meaning that the prison itself can house up to a hundred and twenty-eight prisoners. The eight passages convened at the small jailer's guardroom in the space near where the wheel hub would be, with a spiral staircase extending aboveground surrounding it. The guardroom is a hollow stone pillar with a diameter of around five meters that is encircled by the staircase and stands in the middle of the circular space that the eight passages connect to. The entrance to the prison is a doorless rectangular hole in the ground.
0 Rose Garden バラ園
A garden of thousands of roses exists on the west side of the cathedral, surrounding the underground prison. The Rose Garden is a maze of bronze fences with rose vines densely twining around them. The western gate of the maze from the prison area connects to a rectangle plaza, with a bench and a fountain, that serves as a landing field for the Integrity Knights' dragons. The plaza has several gates that lead to different parts of the rose maze. The cathedral's rose garden is the only place in the Human Empire where non-wild roses are allowed to be grown due to their immense Sacred Power reserves. Because of this garden, high-ranking Sacred Arts can be cast within the cathedral's grounds.
3 Equipment Vault 武具保管庫
(Bugu Hokanko)
The doors to the equipment vault have embossed carvings of two goddesses, Solus and Terarria. Although the doors look as if they have such an intensity that they could not be open no matter how much force was put in pulling or pushing them, they actually open with a mere bit of force. The vault, which is as large as the Sword Mastery Academy's training arena, is where the Axiom Church stores hundreds of sets of armour as well as numerous Divine Instrument-class weapons to prevent anyone in the Human Empire from getting enough equipment to oppose the church. The vault is located thirty meters away from a staircase leading to the upper floors.
10 Grand Dining Room and Grand Kitchen 大食堂, 大厨房
(Daishokudou, Daichūbou)
The Grand Dining Room and Grand Kitchen are located behind a pair of enormous doors located further down the stair landing. The Grand Dining Room is nearly as large as the Grand Corridor of Spiritual Light or the Grand Bath and consists of multiple rows of very long tables covered in white tablecloth, making the room look like the banquet hall from a certain fantasy movie set in a wizard school. The Grand Kitchen is located deep inside the Grand Dining Room behind a counter. The kitchen is staffed by more than ten cooks [1][2]
28-29 Rooms for Integrity Knight apprentices [1]
30 Dragon Landing Field «飛竜» 発着場
(«Hiryō» Hatchakuba)
50 Grand Corridor of Spiritual Light 霊光の大回廊
Reikō no Daikairō
The corridor is an extremely wide room that takes up an entire floor with 20-mel high ceilings, the canopy of which colourfully depict the three goddesses of creation and their devotees. The columns that support the canopy are also adorned with countless sculptures, while the light of Solus lavishly pours down from the windows in the room. The flooring of the room is made from stones of different hues, with a grand door located located at the wall farthest from the staircase. The door leads to a spacious square room with a circular cavity located in the middle of it where an elevating disk (昇降盤, Shōkō-ban?) runs between the 50th and 80th floors. The elevating disk is a circular platform with a diameter of about two mel that uses the power of Aerial elements to rise and descend between the floors.
51 Training Grounds 修練場
52 Second Training Grounds 第二修練場
(Dai-ni Shūrenjou)
58 Geographical Records Room 地理記録室
(Chiri Kiroku Shitsu)
68 Media Storage Vault 媒体保管庫
(Baitai Hokanko)
80 Cloudtop Garden 雲上庭園
(Unjou Teien)
Unlike the other floors, the floor is covered in a thick, soft-looking lawn, with Sacred flowers of various colours blooming on the lawn. A stream also flows through lawn close to the entrance to the floor while a brick path stretches out through the door, cutting through the lawn and continuing on after a wooden bridge spanning over the small stream. A small hill exists beyond the stream where the Fragrant Olive tree is left to enjoy the light of Solus when not in the form of a sword.
90 Grand Bath 大浴場
94 Dining room for Integrity Knights [1]
95 Morning Star Lookout 暁星の望楼
(Gyousei no Bourou)
96-99 Senate 元老院
100 Administrator's living room アドミニストレータの居室
(Adominisutorēta no Kyoshitsu)



  • The Central Cathedral shares the one hundred floor design concept with Aincrad.


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