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Concealment refers to a Wind-element, hiding spell in ALfheim Online.


As soon as the incantation is complete, a light green atmosphere emerges from beneath the caster's feet and slowly covers the hiding place of the caster with a green membrane that takes the appearance of the surrounding environment.[1] For example, a fake wall can be created in a cave, thus allowing the caster to blend in with the environment. On the casting side, touching this projection softly will make it ripple.[2] The spell only prevents a user from being seen, but not from being heard, therefore speaking louder than a whisper or moving through this projection will cause it to fade away.[3]

The spell will periodically drain a large amount of mana when in use.[4]

This hiding spell, like other hiding spells, can be penetrated by an enemy with a high-level «Scan» ability (such as a Searcher) or a penetration spell.[1]


­Þik[5] sér[5] óvíss[5] grœnn[5] lopt.[5]


Shikku shāru ōbisu gurōn roputo.[7]

Wrap us in opaque green air.[8]


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 3, Chapter 2 N/A N/A Leafa used this spell to hide from the attacking Salamander group, but her cover was blown when the Salamanders cast a Searcher spell and one of the lizards that appeared bumped into her hiding place.
Volume 3, Chapter 4 Episode 19 Fairy Dance Manga Stage.004 Leafa used this spell to hide herself and Kirito from an incoming party of twelve Salamanders, but canceled her spell when she heard that a Salamander familiar was tracing them.
Volume 7, Chapter 5 SII Episode 20 Mother's Rosario Manga Stage.005 A Sylph player used the spell to hide a scouting party at the entrance to the boss room of the 27th Floor of New Aincrad while they used Peeping on any players attempting to battle the boss to find out the attack patterns of the boss without having to send their own scouting party.


  • The anime portrays red flames coming out beneath Leafa when she casts the spell, even though the spell is supposed to be a wind-attribute spell with green light effects.
  • The anime made a mistake in the spell's Words of Power by repeating Þik twice, when the second word was actually sér.



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