This name of this weapon is alternatively translated as Conflagration Bow (Yen Press).
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The «Conflagrant Flame Bow» (熾焔弓(しえんきゅう), Shienkyū?) is a Divine Object-class longbow used by Integrity Knight Deusolbert Synthesis Seven.


The copper-red bow is nearly the same size as its user, Deusolbert Synthesis Seven.


The Conflagrant Flame Bow’s original form was the phoenix that lived in the oldest volcano of the south empire.[1]


The longbow is strong enough to launch even 30 arrows or more simultaneously, but the string of the bow might break after such an attack. Like all Divine Object-class weapons, the longbow can be strengthened by using the «Armament Full Control Art» on it. Once such an art is applied, the bow is set on fire and the heat of the bow can be clearly felt in the surrounding area. In this state, if the user places his hand to where the bow’s string should be, even if the string is broken, the flames of the bow will surge out in front of the bow, forming an arrow of flame. By the time the "string" is drawn to its end, the arrow grows to the size of a spear and creates a howl similar to that of a dragon's fire breath when launched. If the launched arrow loses its power after hitting several targets consecutively, it can change its form into that of a bird, creating a large heat wave and gaining more power.

The longbow can also be used in close-range battles as well, by gathering the longbow's flames in one's fist and using the fist to attack the opponent.



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