Cor (コル, Koru?) is the form of currency in the world of Sword Art Online.

Methods of Acquiring

The valued currency of Sword Art Online is gathered swiftly from boss battles, as they yield a large amount of valuable loot, but the loot is usually shared among all participants of the boss battle. Other methods of acquiring Cor include killing monsters in dungeons or open fields, selling fruit that drop from trees (not a very efficient method, but it is favored by those who refuse to battle monsters), trading, Monster PK, and for orange guilds and players, ambushing other players and stealing their items and money in exchange for their lives.

Appearance and Denominations

Cor can take the form of physical coins, known denominations include a silver coin worth 100 Cor,[1] a gold coin worth 500 Cor,[2] and a gold coin worth 100,000 Cor.[3] It is currently unknown how many types of coins exist in the game.


Because the value of one Cor is based on the drop rate maintained by the Cardinal System which is kept constant at all times, neither inflation nor depreciation ever occur in Aincrad.[4] To ensure that the value of Cor is maintained, items are sold to Non-Player Characters (NPCs) at fixed market prices.

List of Known Values

  • 1 Cor - The cheapest dry and unrefined black bread purchased from an NPC bakery.[5][6]
  • 5 Cor - The price of an edible fruit dropped by trees in the Town of Beginnings.[7]
  • 10 Cor - The price for an NPC to lead a player to Algade's main plaza if they are lost.[8]
  • 10 Cor - The price of a cup of fire-breathing popcorn, sold during Heathcliff and Kirito's duel.[9]
  • 12 Cor - The price of a panini.[10]
  • 30 Cor - The amount of Cor that can be obtained by defeating a single worm in the field.[7]
  • 30 Cor - The amount of Cor that can be obtained by defeating a single Frenzy Boar in the field.[11]
  • 50 Cor[† 1] - The price of renting a room in a 1st Floor inn for one night (less than six ). Comes with one bed and a table.[12]
  • 50 Cor - The price for a one-time use of a gondola that can fit two people in Rovia on the 4th Floor.[10]
  • 80 Cor[† 2] - The price of renting the second floor of an NPC farmer's house in Tolbana for one night. Comes with two rooms (each larger than 20 jō), a large bedroom with a good view, a bathroom, and free milk.[12]
  • 100 Cor - The estimated daily rent for a guest room in the Town of Beginnings's church.[7]
  • 100 Cor - The cost of Lisbeth polishing Asuna's rapier.[1]
  • 180 Cor - The amount of Cor that can be obtained by defeating a Killer Mantis in the field.[13]
  • 1,000 Cor - The amount of Cor that can be obtained by defeating a Lizardman Lord on the 74th Floor.[14]
  • 16,000 Cor - The price of a new Anneal Blade +0 a few days after the 1st Floor was cleared.[15]
  • 100,000 Cor - The estimated minimum purchase price for the rare Ragout Rabbit's Meat from another lucky player (such as the meat Kirito obtains with a Throwing Pick).[16]
  • 100,000 Cor - The minimum price of a custom-made weapon made using special ingredients by Lisbeth.[1]
  • 1,000,000 Cor (1 Mega Cor) - The cost of a "fairly spacious place" in a neighborhood of Mishe, the main town of the 35th Floor.[3]
  • 1,000,000 Cor (1 Mega Cor) - The cost of a glass of rare wine, after the drop rate of the wine was patched.[3]
  • 3,000,000 Cor (3 Mega Cor) - The cost of a support-class small house with a waterwheel in Lindarth.[17]
  • 4,000,000 Cor (4 Mega Cor) - The cost of Asuna's 1LDK furnished house in Selmburg.[18]
  • 5,000,000 Cor (5 Mega Cor) - A log house on the 22nd Floor.[19]
  • 1,000,000,000 Cor (1 Giga Cor) - Said to be the cost of the Knights of the Blood's headquarter tower on the 55th Floor.[18]


  • Cor is an abbreviation for "coin of radius", which most likely means "currency of Aincrad."[20]


  1. In the web version, it was 100 Cor.
  2. In the web version, it was 120 cor.



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