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The «Crest of Yggdrasil» (世界樹の天辺の枝(クレスト・オブ・イグドラシル), Kuresuto Obu Igudorashiru?, lit. "branch of the summit of the World Tree") is a legendary class Two-handed Staff owned by Asuna in ALfheim Online.


The Crest of Yggdrasil is a tree branch about 1.5 meters in length.[1] The bark of the branch is smooth and it draws a spiral near its tip.[1] Two large leaves glitter at the staff's tip.[1]


After completing the Deep Sea Plunderers quest, Kirito felt uneasy about the end of the quest, believing that it had a continuation. After analysing the conversation between Leviathan and Kraken, he guessed that a continuation of the quest could take place at the summit of the World Tree. However, after breaking through the storm that guarded the summit, he, Asuna, Leafa, Lisbeth and Silica were approached by Hraesvelg the Sky Lord who ordered them to leave. As the fairies were reluctant to pass through the storm again, Hraesvelg summoned a tornado to have it transport them through a gap in the storm. Engulfed by the tornado, the fairies took each other's hand, but Kirito only had one person to hold hands with. Suddenly, he felt something with his free hand and grasped it. What he grasped was the topmost branch of the World Tree. Although the girls told him to let go before he angered the god, Kirito continued grasping it until a guardian dragon appeared in the distance and aimed at the fairies. Realising that the dragon was angry, Kirito began counting to three to release the branch, but the branch broke before he could finish. After being thrown out of the storm, the fairies had a conversation about the rainbow bridge that they were expecting to find and came to the conclusion that they would find it in Aincrad. When Kirito pointed at the castle, the girls pointed out that he was still holding the branch in his hand. Fearing that the wrath of a god would haunt him, Kirito planned to sell the branch to Agil, but when he looked up the item's stats, he was surprised to find out that the branch was actually a weapon and that its stats were on the level of a legendary-class weapon. Kirito then gave the staff to Asuna, thanking her for always covering them.[1]


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