A «Crystallite Ingot» (クリスタライト・インゴット, Kurisutaraito Ingotto?) is a high-grade weapon material in Sword Art Online. The ingot is only found in X'rphan the White Wyrm's nest[1] in the West Mountain of the 55th Floor after starting a quest in the nearby village.[2] It was rumored to require the presence of a master smith in a party for the crystal to be harvested.[2]


The Crystallite Ingot is the solid excrement of the crystal-consuming dragon named X'rphan. It was shaped like a silvery-white, translucent rectangle that was slightly bigger than both of Kirito's hands.[1]


Aincrad ArcEdit

Warmth of the HeartEdit

On June 25, 2024, after Kirito's request of a new sword and breaking one of Lisbeth's masterpiece swords, Lisbeth informed Kirito of a dungeon on the 55th Floor where a dragon that eats crystals was rumored to drop a high-grade material. The two journeyed to the West Mountain dungeon and faced the crystal-producing Frost Dragon. Before Kirito was able to finish off the dragon, Lisbeth came out of her hiding place and the dragon used its blizzard attack upon sensing another player. Lisbeth fell into the dragon's nest, and Kirito went to break her fall. Kirito and Lisbeth, without a way out of the nest, spent the night there.

The next morning on June 26, while chatting over morning tea, Kirito suddenly stood up and ran towards the center of the nest where he dug up a Crystallite Ingot, as well as revealing that it was actually the dragon's solid excrement. At that point, the dragon returned to its nest, and Kirito and Lisbeth escaped from the nest by Kirito picking up Lisbeth and hitching a ride on the dragon by hanging onto its tail.

Back in Lindarth, Lisbeth took the Crystallite Ingot and prepared to forge it. After preparing herself in the event that she impressed Kirito with the new sword and thus she would confess to him, Lisbeth began to forge and smith the ingot into a sword. After a few hits, the ingot turned red and became the Dark Repulser.



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