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Dakira (ダキラ, Dakira?), also known as Dakira Synthesis Twenty-two (ダキラ・シンセシス・トゥエニツー, Dakira Shinseshisu Tueni-tsū?), was a minor character in the Alicization Arc. As she was a low-ranking Integrity Knight without a Divine Object-class weapon, Darkira was selected to be one of the members of the «Four Oscillation Blades», a unit of low-ranking knights under the command of Fanatio Synthesis Two. Dakira took part in the battle at the Great Eastern Gate against the Dark Territory Army, where she was part of First Unit's central division under the command of Fanatio Synthesis Two. Dakira sacrificed her life during the battle to protect her beloved commander from an attack from the Giant race's chief, Sigurosig.


Dakira had short, straw-colored pigtails and freckled cheeks, which were hidden behind a steel-crossed mask during battle. Dakira was equipped with a greatsword that was far sharper than those of the guards, but not as powerful as a Divine Object.[3]


A girl blessed with the strength of a man, Dakira was born and raised in a small village in the Southacroith South Empire in a poor and nameless family of fishermen. However, at the age of sixteen, Dakira fell in love with another girl, who was one year older than her. She did not have the courage to confess her feelings to her beloved and instead sought penance from Stacia in an empty church altar at night. Unbeknownst to her, however, the altar was connected to the Central Cathedral's automated elders mechanism, thus Dakira was detected to have committed a taboo and brought to the Central Cathedral, where she was turned into an Integrity Knight.[3]

As an Integrity Knight, Dakira was judged to be at risk if assigned to the front lines due to lacking power. Thus, Dakira was one of the knights picked by Fanatio to form the «Four Oscillation Blades», who were taught combination techniques to increase their survivability. As Fanatio somewhat reminded Dakira of the girl that she had been in love with and Dakira felt deep respect for her, Fanatio was the sole person that Dakira had devoted herself to.[3]


Alicization Arc[]

Alicization Rising[]

On the 25th Day of the 5th Month, Dakira and the other «Four Oscillation Blades» were given the order to help Fanatio Synthesis Two dispose of Kirito and Eugeo, who had escaped from prison, if they were to reach the 50th floor of the Central Cathedral. Although the two swordsmen were brought to the floor seemingly paralysed by Linel and Fizel, Kirito managed to avoid the paralysis and use their poisoned swords against them. Thus, Fanatio ordered Dakira and her other subordinates to attack him. The four knights began using horizontal strikes one after another to control Kirito's actions, but although this strategy worked for the first four attacks, Kirito dodged the fifth attack by going under it, and then used the knight as a human shield to defend himself against the next attack and broke the consecutive attacks, and using the created gap to charge towards Fanatio.

However, Kirito's attack failed, as Fanatio had finished her Armament Full Control Art, and used the special ability of her Heaven Piercing Sword to pierce Kirito's abdomen with light. In the meantime, the Four Oscillation Blades had finished treating themselves and surrounded Kirito from the back. After telling Kirito the story of her sword, Fanatio fired another beam of light at Kirito, but he used a Sacred Arts to create a mirror to give himself the time to avoid the attack, but a part of the beam was reflected back at Fanatio and destroyed her helmet, revealing her face and gender. Fanatio's four knights were mesmerised by this sight, and the close-range battle between her and Kirito that ensued moments later. Eventually, seeing the threat that Kirito posed, Fanatio unleashed the full power of her sword, causing rays of light to be fired in all directions, including at her subordinates. At that point, Eugeo activated the special skill of his Blue Rose Sword, causing icy tendrils to grow and engulf the knights, turning them into blocks of ice. At the end of the battle, the knights had suffered deep wounds from Fanatio's sword and were unable to continue fighting.

In the aftermath of the battle, Dakira felt agonised by the fact that they failed to protect Fanatio. But to her surprise, Fanatio spoke kindly towards Dakira rather than harshly. At that moment, she made a firm decision to not allow any harm to befall her.[3]

Alicization Exploding[]

On the 7th Day of the 11th month, when Fanatio faced the giant chief Sigurosig and was about to be hit by its hammer while petrified by Sigurosig's Incarnation, Dakira dashed towards Fanatio, disregarding her previous order, the moment she felt an abnormality in Fanatio's state. Dakira intercepted Sigurosig's hammer with her greatsword, but it was shattered in an instant. Dakira immediately dropped the handle and used her bare hands to intercept the hammer. Despite both of her arms suffering numerous fractures, as well as suffering a surge of pain, Dakira did not fall. With all her strength, she repelled the attack, and forced the giant to collapse. Dakira then collapsed herself at peace, and gently wiping Fanatio's tears, she said her final words and her «Durability» reached zero.



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