The «Deep Sea Plunderers» (深海の略奪者, Shinkai no Ryakudatsu-sha?) is a quest available at the very edge of Alfheim's world map, to the south of Swilvane, in ALfheim Online.


According to Nerakk's story, thieves living in an Undersea Temple had stolen a present that he was going to give to an old friend, the present being a large "pearl", thus he asks fairies to help him retrieve it.

Quest DetailsEdit

The quest begins after the players dive into the sea near the Undersea Temple and accept the quest from an NPC named Nerakk. After crossing a barrier, the players must enter the temple and navigate through it to the lower floors. After fighting through monsters and evading traps throughout the temple, the players must retrieve a "pearl" from the sanctuary of the temple.

Leviathan's RouteEdit

After exiting the temple with the pearl, if the player(s) refuse(s) to give the pearl to Nerakk by realising that he had tricked them to steal The Child's Egg, the NPC transforms into Kraken the Abyss Lord and a boss fight ensues between the players and the monster. The battle will continue until interrupted by the boss character, Leviathan the Sea Lord. After the Kraken retreats to the depths of the ocean, Leviathan retrieves the egg and sends the players back to Alfheim on a whale.[1]

Nerakk's RouteEdit

After exiting the temple with the pearl, if the player(s) choose to hand the pearl to Nerakk, he will thank the players and the quest would be completed. Nerakk would then call a giant squid to send players back to the Alfheim by wrapping them up with its tentacles.[citation needed]

Completed ByEdit

Leviathan's RouteEdit

Nerakk's RouteEdit


  • As the quest takes place at the very edge of Alfheim, not many players even know about its existence.[1]



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